Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Weekend

Penat sangat satu hari ini, duduk dalam board meeting room dari pukul 10pagi sampai 6petang. aihhhhhhh.. ehe lepas tue balik terus je pegi Sunway Pyramid, dinner at Tarbus sampai la sume kedai tutup... yummmyyyyy, makan sampai kenyang! Asik makan Tarbus je lately. Makan sampai tak boleh bangun. Eheee.

Okay, Happy weekend everyone!

Psssstttt, I got SpeedZone Tour's tickets (F1 Party) 4th April, at KL Tower, 2 tickets available, offering the biggest international superstar DJ line-up.

Sunburts the other day, lucky am not going, seriously can't take the 'head banging of Korn' (as friends review). But we managed to sell all 5 of our tickets, unlucky for us because Coldplay can't make it, uppsss too expensive they said, well grammy's winner kan? what do ya expect.

Eh I watched Confession of Shopaholic!!! fun, and again will tengok esok. ehehhee....

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