Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm Yours

I'm Off todayyyy ;) Just lazy around.. eheh and off to Jason Mraz's concert tonight!!! Yeay!!

Okay since Coldplay can't make it, apparently they are too priceyy and I'm not big fan of Korn and Nerd, what the??? Korn??? that was wayyy backkkk .. since zaman batu ke ape tuee.. Yes I do listen when I was 17 kot.. I just can't listen to Korn nowdays ahaha.. Hello, I pretty much listen to anything but not Korn, Metallica yes I still can stand.

I am thinking to let go my Sunburst's ticket. will be discounted, of course :) aiseyyy.. boring..

Okay la.. malam nie we gonna have some fun! ;)

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