Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jason Mraz Live in KL

Okay, I had fun last week! First time I went to Stadium Negara to be honest, eheeeee sangat2 lah surprised, stadium with no car park. Lucky for us, because kitorg sampai around 4pm and park right in front the stadium. Then we took monorail to Timesquare (I hate monorail, sebab scaryyyyyy) but safely sampai juge Timesquare.

The concert was fun! But I rase something was missing bila concert habis, I don’t know what, maybe because of time, concert ended around 10pm macam tue. Sooooo sekejap.. and I tak sakit tekak, ahaha biasenye I will definitely takde suare after concerts. :p

Overall was okay, but next time I prefer standing, well concert laaa.. seat x best. Eheh

Enjoyed! I had fun Cik Naz!

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