Thursday, March 12, 2009


Okay, I super duper busy lately,

I will move to more technical team in very short time, so lots of trainings to attend. Lots of things I have to catch up. But seriously, I love it!!! It is fun.

As well my online store, busy updating and preparing for Saturday event. I loveeeee flea market, I’ve no idea why, maybe you guys can socialize with other traders as me and partners (Betty and Jules, mereka still in Jakarta) regular traders for Bijou Bazaar, and believe me you will see many MMU’ians. For this Saturday I’m not quite sure because this is our first for Pick and Grab flea market. I've no idea how the feedback or the crowd.

Lepas tue busy with preparation for April. Searching, sending. aihhhh..

24hours x cukup la per dayyyy...

Well, nak kene pegi rumah future in law la plak tengah hari ni… before tue kene carik stock for this coming Saturday event ;) eheheh kene melawat mama sihat ke tak.. baik takkkkk????


  1. hihi, nampak mcm cukup, tp mcm tak jee..

    Thanks so much for dropping by!! ;)

  2. aku lg penat ok...khamis mlm blk dr jakarta...jumaat p opis...sabtu pick n grab...ahad saja utk rehat...haahhhh...

  3. tue la pasal.. kesiannnn :D ehe.. tapeee.. :) fun kaann :D

    C ya tmrw babe!