Friday, March 06, 2009

Sweet and Iceyyy

Eeeee.. I’m doing my luggage list for next month,

It will be, work attire, casual, party, and travel. Ohhhhhhhh, so many things to pack, erm, so how many shoes I suppose to pack? Heels, boot, black pump, or I just pack my yellow pump? It's suppose to be a clear statement :) ballerina lagi, erh, tak boleh la.. memenuhkan luggage.. bencinyeee..

Or I just bring few, and buy moreee :p

I can’t wait!

For now, I’m craving to eat something really sweet and iceyyy, I want iceeeee creammmmmm.. bencinyeee.


  1. Work + leisure = yummy!
    happy packing. I always have problem to pack <20 kg. :)

  2. tue laa.. i think i pon akan terlebih neih :p