Monday, March 16, 2009



I am presenting my Toddy. Heh because it is Tod's, so I suke jeee nak panggil Toddy.

// Tod's Black Patent Madison Medium Bowler @ UK

I know, I know, it’s a bit sporty ;) But I do love it, especially its silvertone letter blocks pull and the glossy textured patent leather (so sgt susah nak kotor, suke2 :p).

At least a bit different from common bags kan ;)

Source Images:
here and here

But if I can get another Tod's Bags, I definitely will go for Tod's D-Bag... timeless.. bileeee nak dapat nieeee :) aha supposedly I go for D-Bag dulu before Madison ;p

//Soft Restyled D-Bag

Hepp, next bag? aha.. I'll definitely will wait until next month ;) tapi tak boleh mahal2 sangat... tengah menabung duit kawen.. hihhhh ;)


  1. owh fro tod's my all time fav is that T tote bag! ;)
    nice catch senang nak match kan

  2. Verde: T-Bag pon wishlist jugee.

    Fynnaz: Name manje, so u think betul2 nanti just sms me ;)

  3. woweee dapat Toddy la.. congratsss
    blom lagi merasa beg Tods.. kasut je ada la huhuhu akanku usaha gigih lagi tuk dapatkan.. ;)

  4. Kasut Tods saya belum ade, ehe.. kene beruse juge :)