Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Berry Jumbo

Tadaaaa my new Berry Jumbo :p

Upsss Burberry. (sukahati nak tuka name )

As my boss said, 'Your new bag macam muke gajah tauuu', Can you imagine a Chinese guy actually said that? It’s funny! :p and he noticed my new bag tooooo!

I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the smell of 'new leather bag'!!! I jatuh cinta dengan bag ini because of it's look, sooooo vintage! and its leather some more. For me, the bag's price absolutely very very CHEAP for Burberry. SOooo worth it especially for a lady who saving her money for her not-so-soon wedding. ;)

I bought the right one for Julie, get well sooooonnnnnn darling! She is recovering from tonsil operation. Out of sudden eh?

Erh, so many unexpected things can happen in life, so all my friends please take care of yourself! Okay? Especially Babi Flu ini! Few of my colleagues just came back from US for a course, How scary! Jangan dekat dengan diriiiiikuuuuu :p Erh right after this, no more course in US. aiyaayyyyy


  1. sha fall in love with burberry lily.. for the 1st time i saw.. goshhhh i really want this bag but unfortunately dh out of stock.

    sgt sedih. xsangka ksedihan tu dpt di ubati gn burberry brook on my birthday in early april. i love the smell of leather.. syiiokkkk

  2. whoootttt whooootttt!!!

    new handbaggggggg in da house!!! hehehhehehe...
    yeah bau new leather bag tue mmg sometimes can get u addicted!

    enjoy ur new acquisition bebeh!

  3. Hi darling :). Kat UK pun dh start selsema babi! :pp. Alan always asked me to wash my hands after i'm out about at Uni or town, takut la. Sebab past few weeks i batuk2, tapi baru je baik which is a good thing. Awww, Burberry! Best nyaa semakin banyak ur bags collection. Dah decide nak go for which bag for hantaran tak? :) :)

  4. sy pon suke handbag baru anda...hikhihk...

    nak beg coklat asyik tak dapat jer...hoohoho bln 12 le kirim lg kan? ;p

  5. thanx for the burberry merry cherry tuh kakak...loike it so muchhy.. ;) bau dier mmg terbahik!!

  6. Sha: Besttttnye sha dapat Brook, saya suke jugeeeee :D

    Verde: Serious!!!! bau leather sangat besttttttttt, hari2 boleh kissss :p bawak tido laaa

    Aida: Yes, sile jage diri okay? UK got 2 cases dah. Scaryyyyyy!! Bag for hantara? eehhhhh dah tetap utk LV Vernis sahaje, cuma tak tau which one! ;) Erh tapi kene kurus skit lggg :p

    Betty: Aku tau sebab ape! sbb very the vintage! ko kan mmg sukeee :D
    Blan 7 eh kalau nak kirim, tp nak dpt tue bulan 9 :D

    Julie: ahahah worth it sgt kan? demmm bau dia mmg addicted! :p