Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm thinking about camera, I want it as soooooooooooonnnnn! Ehe, So should I go for DSLR or just pocket camera? I seriously need a new camera!

And the name will me Cammy, okay, if DSLR, it will be my lil boy Cammy. comel!

Which brand? Nikon, Canon? Which one is better? Okay, I don't have bigggg budget. Just around 2k and not more than 3k (Which with that amount I can go back to UK, and pegi makan tepi pantai dengan Azli), ehhhheee I miss him :(

Okay.. I did survey at Lowyat yesterday which I hate so much, because of the location and the environment.

I'm thinking either Nikon or Canon SLR, tibe-tibe nak jadi photographer kan? noooo, it just, me and Azli are thinking to get DSLR for us for our next next next year plan which include World Cup @ Africa (duit pon belum cukup nak pergi, eheeee), I mean sharing, you know that sharing is caring? but in my case, sharing is equal to mine. I did contribute thou. Ehhheee..

I'm consider all this four. I want it as soooooooooooooooonnnnnnn. ;) Either one ;) But I need new phone jua.


  1. sha xreti bab2 camera nie. my sis & ayah use nikon.

    cuba tny naddy. sha rasa dia terrer bab nie ;-)

    hope nadia sabar yea. rindu tu mmg susah nk dgambarkn :-) insyaALLAH bulan 9 nnt uols bsatu

  2. samalah saya .. tapi ada seorang member namanya shiemz memang terrer bab kamera ni.. juba jenguk blog dia

  3. hi...been a silent reader je b4 this... ermmm i'd suggest canon ehehe for me i mmg suka canon... kalau beginnner 1000d pun ok... but if nak better one terus, then 450d :)

    btw yes i pun penah in long distance relationship, dr gf/bf sampai la tunang ehehe (now alhamdulillah cmg to 6th yrs married)

    opsss br perasan sha punya comment, sha i x la terrer mana pun ehehe

  4. hmmmmm...sorry tk reti bab camera power2 nie...
    i pakai my tok kadok sony M1 tue je ;p hehehhe

  5. nadia, u need to get ur hands kat nikon d90, since all my officemates gler xlr, they wud recommend beli kat amcorp mall .. plg murah setakat ni di kl to compare kt lowyat kata abg abg konon macho di off saya tu, text me for the shop name ok.

    ksyaz pun nak grab satu ni... jommmm!


  6. Hi, just nak share opinion. Since my hubby & me are Nikon users, I only write about Nikon. No experience with Canon DSLR.

    1. Tentukan budget
    2. Nikon D60 tu ok, but D90 ada byk lagi features (depends on what your needs are. Maybe kalau suka-suka ambik gambar, and just stick to 'AUTO mode' you won't use them anyway.
    3. Whatever it is, kit lens is not enough. You might invest on different lenses in future. Tapi tu boleh pikir kemudian. Actually superb photos also depend on lenses used.
    4. Pergi kedai or try pegang kawan2 punya camera. Find the one that is comfortable to hold. Kadang2 besar sangat, susah nak grip.
    5. Just read about camera reviews. It helps.
    6. Some people don't mind buying second hand. And there's a lot of people selling their's, simply to upgrade to new ones.
    7. Ask about the package. Sometimes jual body aje, bukan dengan kit lens.
    As mention in previous comment, ada kedai kat Amcorp mall yang murah. As we know DSLR tak murah mana, but at least cheaper than Low Yat.

    Oh, one more dear. Then you also need a proper camera bag to protect it. Have fun hunting :)

  7. sis, saye mau share my opinion.

    D90 is totally utk org yg betul2 involve dlm photography. a way to be a professional photgrapher. harga pon lebih mahal kan.but features mmg banyak. dia up sikit dari D80.

    1000D & D60 equally same. saye guna 1000D. but kelebihan adalah 1000D lebih ringan dari D60,dan ada Digic III which is menjamin kestabilan dan kecantikan image lebih dari d60.huhu. harga pon x mahal kan. affordable.under 2000.sesuai utk org2 macam kita yg suka bergambar. :D

    yg 450D tu adik pada 1000D rasanya. gambar oke jugak. features pun lebey kurang je.

    so, if wanna buy DSLR, beli Canon or Nikon. Brand lain out sikit lah btw, pentax ok gak.

  8. 450D is better than 1000d tho :) for canon lagi kecik the number lagi better the camera...

  9. D90 tu utk pro....n gmbr cantik...
    1000d jugak ok...(adik aku dh komen)

    depends on keperluan sbnrnyer..kalau ko nk g ke pro...bli yg up sket. kot la nk buat bisnes photogrpahy ker...hehhe

    kalau nk g jln, bli yg intermediate sudah...

    tp at last ikut satisfaction sdri la kan..sbb kite yg akan pkai bende tu ;)

  10. salam :)

    im a nikon user.. belum upgrade² lagi from d50 ku ini.. insyAllah one day.. verangan nak d90 ;)

    so far im satisfied with the outcomes and the features of the nikon dslr. my housemate owned a canon.. i find it a bit tak user friendly. well it depends.. once u master all the feature of prospective camera.. should be no prob..

    agreed with the outlines given by liyana. that what i did when deciding which camera to buy.. and i fall isntantly with nikon dslr :)

    i also have a compact canon ixus .. senang nak sumbat dlm handbag in certain occassion... hehe.. coz tthe dslr too bulky and yes.. u do need a good bag for it.

    hey dear bloggers.... boleh share tak AMCORP MALL punye address tu ? i thot low yatt saje yg murah.. n u guys dont mind.. berapa ye harga D90 skrg di malaysia (esp at lowyatt & AMcorp mall) .. thank u in advance ! :)

  11. Sha: Actually Sha, lambat sikit dari bulan 9 ;) eheee..

    Diarihatiku1976: Carik juge blog tue tak berjumpe.. ehe btw hyeeee!!! Thanks for visiting my takseberapeblog. ;)

    Naddy: Thanks for comment juge Naddy! Ehe, but tue la.. more Canon sikit sebenanye nie bile dah survey.. but still thinking, 450d slightly expensive, macam tak worth pule pade org yang baru belajar ini. :p 1000d macam just nice je. :D
    Lamenye nak sampai ur stage!! 6th years dahhhh.. :D hopefully soooonnn

    Verde: tapi itu sangat canggih okay, first time I tgkkkkk camera mcm tue :p (I la backdated sikit :p)

    KSyaz: tue kaaa, ramai suke d90? Eheheh.. Amcorp Mall, macam tak pernah pergi la.. :p tapi pernah denga.
    Ksyaz tolong tanye kan abg abg yang konon macho itu di mate letaknye kedai ituuuuuu :D Macam nak pergiiii as sooooonnnn

  12. Liyana: u memang gooooodddd in listing :p bagus!
    1. Budget: 2k -3k
    2. For features: Honestly memang beginner, so rase basic is enough.
    3. Additional Lenses: Murah, If beli with new kit, as promoter said, still thinking. :p
    4. Haritue dah try byk, but it’s not help much in decision, becoz slr mmg besar :D
    5. Equally review, its depends juge.
    6. Yes, considering second hand juge, but agak risau juge if beli 2nd hand.
    7. Bolehhh tak bg reference di mane kahh Amcorp Mall ini, tak pernah sampaii :D
    For bag, I’ll gor cute one, macam ur previous entry! :p Thanks, good tips!

    Jiha: yeee, 1000D and D60 memang same, cume 1000D Canon ade few functions extra, eg. live view, aku kan dah try ko punye, mcm menarik!

    Anon: yes, 450d better than 1000d and slightly expensive! :D

    Betty: ahaha bile la aku nk buat bizz photography kan.. macam tak kene jee.. :p yep tue la.. aku pon rase prefer yang basic bcoz rasenye beginner nie tak yah memahal. :p

    Reena: Tue la! Betul sgt, rimas jee..

    Dolaress: Ohhhh, u got d50, so far mostly in Msia using Nikon, as ppl said Nikon accessories cheaper compared to Canon. D90 at Lowyat I thinkng 3k++ for only body and 4k++ for kit. Betul where is Amcorp Mall ini?

  13. my wishlist is to acquire DSLR too!!! go & get it babe!