Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Miss Him Like Krazeee!

Safely landed in KL, spent half journey crying and another half for sleeping. I miss Azli. Miss him a lot. We got a week after Engagement before he back to Brighton and 2 weeks in April, another 2 weeks will be in September. We got only 5 weeks to be together as Engaged couple, before we get married. (Amin)

We were friends in long distance, we were couple in long distance and now? still in long distance relationship, eventhou we are engaged. Tell me how hard long distance could be? I experienced all stage.

Orang kata, bertunang adalah waktu paling mencabar, you add long distance in the list, you can imagine how I feel.

Sedih, semua lah! :( Still.


  1. auwwww!!!
    hang on there bebeh!
    i know u r strong ;)

  2. Sabar eh. It's worth it. You'll love each other more bila dah kahwin nanti and you'll appreciate it.
    Anyway, it's better for you to be in Malaysia rather than vice versa.
    Dulu I arrange my wedding from abroad, pening, weh!
    As Verde says, hang on there!

  3. Alaaa, sian dia! I can't imagine if i'm in ur shoes. I'm not strong like you. Yes, hang in there babe!

  4. dh kawin nnt kena bpisah gak ker dear?

    im not into long distance relationship but since kawin my hubby, once a month baru sha jumpa dia.. cian kan huhuuhuhuh

  5. mcm tu la aku rasa since 2006...walaupon x tunang lg, tapi kalau dh masa mmu dok berkepit..pastu tetiba jauh, mcm haper...

    but trust it'll keep u stronger.

    sbb tu kalau bole aku tak mo tunang...hahah bley kalau kawin tros? ;p

  6. Verde: Used to be strong. :p

    Liyana: I hopeeeee sooooo, tue la.. I pon rase it's better if me here, so organize sikit our wedding :p

    Fynn: thanks babe!

    Sha: as our plan, tak la. tak mau dahhhhh, kesiyannyeeee if mcm tu, tak sukenye.

    Betty: Boleh sile2 jgn amek date akuuuuu :p