Thursday, April 30, 2009

The One?

Questions, to all married people, how u know he is ‘the one’? How you decided he is the one?

I do questioning this to myself. How I know Azli is the one?

I did ask Azli, why he choose me? His simple answer, ‘we both completely different person, but we both complete each other in many ways and I do love you’ *uhhhhh

Why I choose him? Simple, I can see myself grow old together with him, I can see we can do lots of things together, watching football especially, someone who I can perform Hajj with and I know that he absolutely take care of me during that holly journey. One thing for sure, we are stronger as a couple.

Sebelum kenal Azli, I just hope and pray, for this time I only want someone who loves me unconditionally, I only want someone to be bond with. No reasons what so ever. Then Azli muncul, eventhough before that I can see myself will get married around 30yo. Eheee..

At one point, when I wake up, I just realize myself can’t survive without him, for the first time ever I feel that feeling.

I belum kahwin, there are possibilities that we might not together in future, but Nauzubillah, minta dijauhkan. So far I am very confident that he is the one, tercipta untuk ku. Amin.

So far, after 2years plus, we are sooo lucky, we still cherish every moments together, we speak, we laugh, we argue, we sms-ing, we email, we chat every single dayyyyyyyy. Tak percaya? Eheee we still can be on phone like hours! Same like zaman kenal-kenal dulu, years back :) Everyday, before go to work, we Skype, then at office we email each other or google mail will do, then lunch hour will be a phone call, then continue email, after office hour, we back to Skype.

For you Azli, I love you without reasons. I love you because of who you are. I still love you when you start losing your hair, or when your perut kedepan than ever :p or when you got wrinkles. I just love you. :)

Entry syok sendiri kah? eheee..

So guys, how you realize that he is the one?


  1. Both of u love pose aite? sweet! I haven't meet the one yet. ahaks

  2. aku pon tak u if he's the one but yg penting kita ikhlas mencintai dia kan? ;)

  3. aws that love this entry! soo sweet! so very very sweet!

    Both of you make a perfect couple. Never doubt your love for each other and never forget why you love each other in the first place. Insyaallah berkekalan sehinnga akhirat! AMIN!

  4. Orang tak kahwin lagi boleh komen tak? :p I think, camna nak tau eh? I think ur instinct and ur heart akan bagitau.I memang selalu fikir soalan ni.I think i pernah blogged about it dulu kot..Sampai skang dok fikir lagi.Hmm..

  5. so sweet this entry.....pendapat org yg dah kawin is hihih...jeng jeng...u sendiri will know whether his the one for u...u the only one will feel jawab soalan tak ni? ermmm...btw...posing tu i loike!

  6. rasenye you'll simply know it kot :p Marriage is a result of love,so pray it will last forever :)huhu tak menjawab soalan ya! Anyway,i baru tau both of you are into Liverpool eh?Soo does my hubby!!tapi bukan saya,i have no clue pasal football nie:p.We're planning our trip to Anfield on the 24th(against Spurs),tapi ticket tak dpt lagi kekeke.

  7. Anon: Loving it!! ehe thanks, u will sooonnn meet the one ;)

    Betty: Betul!

    Nana: Thankssss!! will remember ur advice ;)

    Reena: Betul! susah nak dpt jawapan ;)

    Ninie: Jawabb, ehe yela, kite sendiri will know the answer :) Thanks, mcm hindustan kan pose neih :p

    Ami: Ehe, ye la.. I think soo, kite sendiri yang ade jawapan :)
    Kami berdua big big fans of Liverpool! ohhh bestttt! dapat tgk live, I belum lg, my fiance byk kali.. eheh will go nxt year hopefully! ;) enjoy ur trip to Anfield! ;)

  8. bagus lah macik, semoga kekal sepanjang hayat ok ;)

    p/s: where's my mfm? X-(

  9. Auwww, thanks pakcik. ehe ye laaa ko pon sombong je ngn aku.. :p

  10. the one

    tak pernah terasa and realize lag..maybe with my daily routine tak terpikir..hopefully i will realize someone yang merupakan tulang rusuk kiriku..kekekeke

  11. bile u dah kawin, then only u know, i was married b4, but my X husband divorced me while im pregnant 6 months of my 3rd lelaki jenis apakah ini??b4 kawin, he is everything, now he is like nothing..pity my kids..all the best to u..

  12. yer sombong lah sangat online pun dah tak penah nampak skrg ni busy bangat ke? huh ...

  13. Buttet: willllllllllllllll meet someone nanti ;) jgn risau!

    Anon: eehhhhhhh i'm soooo sorrryyy, itu la, we'll never know what will happen in future. i belum kawen pon.. scary juge, semoga semuanye selamat. i doa utk u juge..aminnnn.

    Mosfet: eheee.. aku invi, sile la main tegur je okay? :D