Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Si Pipi Bulat

When I turun flight last Sunday, my mom first sentence " bulattttnyeeeee pipi anak ibu niee"

So did my officemates said, not only one, but few comments. urgghhhhh

Only 2 weeks in UK, my pipi bulat than ever, yes I gain few kgs! Daymmmmmm

So I told Azli, he said, if only if I can lose * kgs, until September, then he promised my handbag's budget for the hantaran will be increase!

Yeay!!! Drool over. I want Monogram Vernis!!!!! Alma or GM perhaps~ yay yay yay.. Anyone got Vernis? I want in RED!!

Vernis in my wishlists like forever, I've no idea why I'm falling in love with patent leather in shocking colors.

Upsss, I do still missssssss Azli, it just Vernis so tempted!!!! Opsss, will go straight to the gym! after a month skipped. lol

Heyy, I met Fynn and friends yesterday, happy faces! glad all safely landed in KL and Verde too ;) she's the lady with height and flawless face ;) sgt friendly. till meet again you guys!! Enjoy urs

Credit pictures to Verde and Fynn, kenape gamba spesen? Ada cerita disebaliknya! ahah


  1. hey babe...its a pleasure meeting u too!!! ;)
    u pon tinggi hokey! n seriously mmg u have such a 'bundar' eyes! purfect bundar eyes! ;D

    as for the bag...go for alma bebeh...lagie elegant! n accessorize it w key chain...gorgeous!

  2. Hehe pipi bulat means happy lah tuuu!

    Wahhh i'll vote for Alma Vernis in RED!!!

    I'm targeting Alma Vernis MM gak but color blom finalise since ada 6 nak pilih kan? So peninggg. Tapi mcm nak Amarante or Red or Pink! Hehe. Tapi lambatttt lagiiii.


  3. bulat pipi coz u r hepi to be with him dear ;-)

    sha vote for alma

  4. nampaknyer neverfull damier bkn lagi target aku...nampak yg nih...aku nak yg nih plak...hahhhah

  5. Verde: Awwwwww, so sweet.

    Ahaaaa.. Alma mmg gorjes!! cume cik abg more to GM. :p

    Fynnaz: Go for pinkkkkkk! ehe yelah u enjoy ur colors tu dulu ;)

    Sha: I think so la.. aih.. makan je :p

    Betty: cun kan.. sileee laaa :D

  6. Alma cantik but GM size macam too big since you can only carry it on the nook of your arms not shoulders.

    So bila isi barang banyak (bag besar confirm la selagi boleh sumbat nak sumbat macam2, and Azli pun mesti nak menumpang barang2 dia sekali heheh)... haruslah macam nak patah tangan kan? I think MM perfect size kot.

    For a feel, aku ada the Pomme Vernis Zippy... hehe. Dah lama beli tapi so sayang nak pakai! :p

  7. Pomme Vernis Zippy???? Demmmm ko suke je kan advance! ahahha.. bestttttt sgt, aku mmg je sgt suke Vernis!


  8. Jappppp naz, senang tak jage Vernis compared dgn Monogram Canvas biase ehhh??

  9. Kata belum pakai kan! Hahahah. Nak lunyaikan Coach purse ni dulu. Tapi from what I heard ada je orang pakai bertahun no prob je. Susah nak compare between the 2 because most Mono ada patina trims and handles so tu pun dah susah nak jaga. Ada pros and cons la masing2 but nothing much to worry about I believe.

    I think maintenance for Vernis shouldn't be a prob because Pomme bukan macam the beige vernis, so susah nak kena color transfers. Kalau kira cost-per-wear... insyaAllah berbaloi. Hahahah.

    Silalah buy the Pomme Alma... memang sangat cantik!!!

  10. Naz: eee aku mmg je nak Vernis nie.. bile je aku dpt PM, ke GM ke ehhh.. I will buy Vernis Zippy, matching tuuuuuuuu... (tp Azli ckp kalau aku turunkan * bape kg) :( boleh ke ini? aahhahaha kalau tak, aku akan berpuas hati dengan damier or mono canvas sahajeee :D