Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green Ribbon

I got few things that I bagi pada Azli before we decided to take a step further.

1. I want someone that I really comfortable with
2. I want someone can accept me as team partner, not just ‘husband and wife’
3. I want my household to be divide, as example, today my turn to cook, tomorrow will be your turn. Same goes with the baby, today my turn to stay up, tomorrow you will.
4. Everything will be discussed first, work, life, things to buy. Communication is the most important thing.
5. I don’t cook or sew (but doesn’t mean that I never want to learn), it just for now, nopee.
6. Accept me the way I am.
7. Liverpudlian (ahahahah)

Semuanya , Azli sangat bagus, I mean he really can cook, ehe can verify with Naz or Nima, siapppp dessert! Everytime pon! :p it’s not that ‘good’ but errrhhh acceptable, ehee ye la.. sedap2. :p

We are communicating, discuss every single thing. We got lots of Excel files, for everything! I mean our 5 years plan, our personal details, our wedding to do list.

It just when I explained to him that I am an Organ Donor signs up years before I kenal him. His sentence always ‘Can be discussed later’. I am so worrrryyyyyyyyy that might not be a Donor if I pergi when I married to him, he is very conservative about this, is nothing wrong about being conservative, it is people choice. For me, I wantttt it sooo bad!

Kehadapan Azli yang dikasihi, I strongly insist that if I pergi, the last thing that I asked from you that let me be a Donor, helping few people that might needs my organs. They are waiting for years that someone will give those eyes, or heart, or kidney or any of my organs. I reallllllyyyy want to be a part of someone life, glad to help people even I no longer present, my very last chance. I'm not using it anyways, so why waste it? someone can use mine ;)

-I know you will read this, so I write here, this entry will be my strong WILL-

Scary takkkk?? But I can’t help it, I asyik terfikir! :)


  1. nadia,it's the other way around for me!Hubby yg sign up dulu =P
    Yerp,i agree with you,if that can help other survive,why not kan?

  2. hi there.i've been thinking of this too.but i think my family will not allow me to do so.haishhh.i hope to help others too.its jz berbakti n shared with others rite.

    gud job u've done there :) hope that ur future husband will gv u an approval.

  3. My bf and i pun plan nak jadi organ donor gak.A'ah kan, kesian kat orang yang dok tunggu for organ.

  4. Ami: ehe, u totally okay with it. so tak jadi problem. tue laaa that is the point, giving other ppl a life. :)

    Anis: heyylloooo. thanks for comment, Anis :D it's hard for my dad to agreed at first, but i strongly insist, this is what i want :D my mom totally okay!

    eheee, hopee soooo..

    Reena: sile sign up ye reena! ;)

    Sha: thanks sha!

  5. a good samaritan i would say!
    clap clap...
    im proud of u babe!