Thursday, May 21, 2009

My very first MAC

After read you guys comments and I really neeeeedddd a new eyeliner then I took a tour satu Sunway, in the end I realize either Dior or MAC, but i choose MAC because of the color. Very black!!! sangat suuuukaaaa.. So far it's better than Stila, much more better.

But haven't try Bobbi Brown yet, sbb tak jumpe :D

This my very first MAC as i preferred Chanel make up.

Thanks everyone! Lots of love :D and of course Betty and Zack, teman saya!

* Happy Bday Aymee! much love.


  1. Best tak eye liner ni? Nak try jugak yang lepas my current eye liner habis nanti coz my friend cakap best.

  2. grr.

    nak jugak. haha

    anyway, tgh dreaming nak ade my 1st bobbi brown. (and MAC too!)

    i just pretty stingy with myself, that's why it's still a dream


  3. Reena: u oily eyelids tak? if yes, maybe okay je la.. takde la the best, but better that stila,

    If not, its perfect! the color :D
    For me, okay la, bcoz i got oily eyelids, it so so :D

    Ika: sileeee laaaa ade satu ye :D :p

  4. Eh, cop.I lupa nak tanya u.Camna u remove eye liner? U guna apa eh? I tension la setiap kali nak remove eye liner sebab mesti ada eye lashes tercabut skali.

  5. Reena: I ada Chanel make up remover, but besar sgt untuk bawa ke mane2, mostly I use Johnson Baby Oil jeee, murah. ehe then I wipe dengan wet tissue, baby wipe je. Super easy! So far takde la tertanggal my eyelashes. :D

    Sha: Tue la.. after MAC ni habis i might be consider Bobbi Brown, try and error! ;)

  6. aku ingat MAC Book sekali MAC ini wakakakak