Saturday, May 16, 2009


Next week will be hectic week! which saya terpaksa masuk kerja awal pagi (I hate! I hate! ahaha bcoz i have to wake up early morning).

and Microsoft exam to complete. erghhhhhh terpaksa saya meluluskan diri,if retake, bayar la saya sendiri. dah elok2 company bayar kan? :p

a week to get through.

Happpppppppppyyyyyy weekend everyone! ;)

Well nothing to do with the picture~ but i do love the building, di tgh2 Brighton City, ade very Asian building, which a hotel by the way, sawadikappppp.. :p

and, Happy Teachers Day, if any, especially my mummyyyy ;)


  1. cehh tu pun nak berahsie ... (baru dpt MCTS in MSSQL 2005 *wink* *wink* ) hihi ...

  2. Ami: Thanks!!

    Mosfet: Peh, menarik. dah tuka major nampak balik msia :p