Friday, May 22, 2009

Ole Ole Bali

4 of us, who else? eheee, thanks Jules(oleh kerana baru dapat bonus yang gila banyak okay!!!) for the treat! Muah much love!

Zach kata, ini air basuh tangan, betty kata, ini deco je, lantas Zach basuh je tangan dalam ni. eheheh.

Yummy!!! Balinese food all we got in this entry.

Restaurant: Ole Ole Bali
Location: Soho, Mont Kiara
Cuisine Served: Balinese
Stars: 4 (2 thumbs up!)

Ok, whoever loves Bumbu Bali (yang saya asyik pergi during my study year!) which located at Bandar Putri, Puchong, will noticed the similarity between both. Company yang sama, as people told me :p but different name and ambiance. Loving the fooooodddd and very cozy place to hang out! this my second time here. Sangat menyelerakan okayyyyy.. You guys should try :D

And I love Soho very much, because it is so relaxing, tak pack with million of people :p

Terliur kan tengok? Jom Naz!


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  2. I've been to the one in Mont Kiara twice.. it's pretty packed on Saturday nites.. And a few times to d one in Pyramid. hehe I love their food!

  3. itu mmg perhiasan jer...zach tu jer ckp air basuh la..of cos la one of tak? ;p

  4. calla_lily: Mebi i pegi saturday noon je, belum lg nite, sbb tue tak pack, tp loveeeee their food kan? yummy!

    Betty: tue la.. bkan boleh percaye sgt :p

  5. Hari tu baru plan nak buat my birthday bash kat Ole Ole Bali ni.Tapi organizer (my friend) nak buat kat Kunang-Kunang.Tak mengapa, next time ada.Hehe.

    Memang teringin sangat nak makan kat sini sebab baca review banyak yang positif.

  6. harus sha try gn hubby. thanks for sharing dear

  7. Reena: Try tau!! mmg sedap sgt for Bali food :D

    Sha: No problem! shud try! :D

  8. owhhhhhhh...i love bumbu bali...dah lame tak favourite drink of all time - lemongrass mojito! superb paling best kat bumbu bali ;)

  9. lemongrass mojito @ Bumbu Bali mmg sgt terbaikkkk :D