Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You!

Happy Monday!

or more like Monday Blues? Okay, ehee lately I'm updating my blog almost everyday! Oh my goodness eventhou in very hectic week! Aiyay~ It's like takde kerja ke minah ni?

Okay lah, one of my resolutions tau for frequently updating my blog, I definitely will read back what happen to me through years. This blog documents my life. Seriously everything that I membebel di sini, there are no intentions for showing off or offends anyone.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, if you felt offended in any of my entries emotionally, physically, grammatically, you can choose not to read my blog. All entries from deep inside me, no bad intention to anyone. :)

I do write since 2004, 5 years! Oh gosh! but only to close friends, but this year, I choose to share my blog to entire universe. Aha, well, it actually feel sooooooo nice to make new friends in this blogging world, across building, state or countries. Share opinions mostly. :)

Well, kepada semua, silent readers and of course semua yang always leave comments in my blog, I do love and so grateful for you guys! Seriously!!! Love you guys! Thank you so much!

Okay till tomorrow. Much love ;)

I do write this because so many blogs facing the same issue, they're marked them for showing off or some people not satisfied with others blog. Well keep you mind open, if you are not comfortable with particular blog entries, just leave. Don't use nasty word. :) One head want to satisfied hundred of heads? Impossible! Lain orang lain cara, jangan kecik hati dengan entry saya ini :)

Psssstttt, Fyn did sms-ed me, Kepada semua, singgah her sale blog okay? HERE I loveeeee Vernis Rosewood ituuu!!


  1. Good luck with your weight loss program :)

  2. yeah! I know how you feel. Kekadang I risau nak tell some things, takut they all kata over nak mampus hehe!

  3. hehehe..i every now n then ade je 'lalat'...but i choose not to make a big deal out of it...just be urself n blog what u like...
    like u said, u just cant satisfy everyone ;D
    eventually they will just shut their mouth up...insyaallah

  4. Fynnaz: U much welcome! :D

    Calla_Lily: Hopeeee soooooo :p

    Nana: Tue la kan.. ahah.. penat jage hati every single person :p

    Verde: True! u lagi la. very famos amos, mesti ramai je tak puas hati, its weird kan, u dont even know them pon actually. :D why u nak mengate org kan if u tak kenal org tue? pelik! :)

  5. nadia, buat xtahu je.. sha pun kena gak.. bak kata verde 'lalat'. nad pukul je gn pmukul lalat mst mati nnt hehehe..

  6. Nad, thanks for the wish :).
    Btw, happy Monday too! And when Wednesday comes, i'm pretty much dead, hehehe. Btw, have a lovely Tuesday too! :)

  7. Biasalah manusia..Buat tak tau je kalau ada negative comments.Tapi tu la, rasa tak best nak cerita something bila asyik kena fikir pasal orang lain.But usually i don't care lah.Heh.

  8. Sha: kelakar laa :p tapi selalu kalau nk pukul2 lalat nie, tak kene punye. :p

    Aida: Ahaha, happy weekdays la senang :p InsyAllah boleh punye! Don’t worry.

    Reena: Ehe bagus! Saya mau belajar jadi begitu :D