Saturday, May 30, 2009

What’s IN right now?

Okay, here are my clothes for May! May shopping spree (ahaha UK Shopping I tak reveal pon kan!) 3 for Zara and 2 from Massimo Dutti, one similarity, all in long sleeves and shirt.

Malaysia yang sangat panas sekarang ini or its only Cyberjaya? I'm not sure :p but the truth is, everyday sangat panas! you need to sleep with aircond ON every night! Seriously! So I bought all shirts which easy to wear, you no need to wear 2 pieces di kala waktu panas ini. I sangat malas pakai baju yang memerlukan cardigan or another shirt to cover up because of the weather! ;p Pakai tudung kan? Takkan nak pakai sleeveless pula, but I might consider it :p :p

Mmg summer betul Msia nieh!

So for today, I feel like to blog about “What’s IN right now?” my personal trend pick for summer/June 2009,

Maxi Dress.

My advice, do not spend too much! because printed clothes will easily out! You can’t wear as many times as you want, nanti orang kate asyik pakai benda yang sama kan? Definitely hard to mix and match.

But i'ts soooooooooo nice right? abaikan my pciture with big waist! Ehe but you need to loose your jacket if you pakai like me, if not you will shower with your own sweat because of the weather! Maybe you guys can wear it with Cardigan.


Well, I thought it was only last year season but it is back this summer, with Marc Jacob collections, MCQueen’s collections. But this trend not for everyone, only for people brave enough to carry this trend! Seriously my advice better buy short jumpsuit, more flattering, more trendy :D But different people can carry different look. So might be this is the trend for you! :D

Well, Ini cuma my personal points of view. I will blog about 'IN' shoes later, daaa Happy Weekend everyone! Shoes definitely love of my life! Opsss, my Azli definitely on top! :p orr maybe he can share with shoes :p


  1. Nad, you r right!! Memang Maxi dress and jumpsuits are so IN right now. Esp dah summer, i can tell that i saw maxi dresses everywhere i go. Semalam i beli satu frm Primark and it costs me 16pounds je. Can't wait to style it. Nasib i dapat yang sesuai untuk orang pendek mcm i!! :ppp

  2. maxi dress x sesuai gn sha yg chubby nie sob sob sob :-(

  3. Maxi dress, jumpsuits, sharp blazers (think Kate Moss), cropped leather jacket, color blocked are so IN now.And oh, gladiator heels too! (YEAY! coz i loveeee gladiator heels so much!).Eh, btw i pun berkenan baju Zara yg u beli tu.Br je try td.Tp x beli pun.Hehe.

  4. kalau ikut trend, mmg tak terikut...

    but cropped/bomber jacket, tartan prints and high heels glas is a must!

    added : boyfy blazer


  5. I like your dress! Nice color :) And yes, Malaysia SANGAT panas these days!!!

  6. Aida: I sgt suke la Primark tue.. ehe.. sume bende ade pastu murah gile! okay.. gile murah! :p ehe jgn risau, lepas exam boleh melaram okay?! :D

    Sha: I think boleh la sha, kene pandai pilih pattern je.. I chubbyyy juge :p

    Reena: Sharp Blazers sgt IN okay! but bile la nk pakai for me la :p
    gladiator heels, lame betul IN, dr last year kan.. suke! I got one, but hardly wear, sbb sayang sgt! :p which one Zara yg u try? :D

    Betty: Boyfy blazer semestinye bukan aku! lg la menampakkan ketembaman :p

    calla_lily: thanx, i beli sbb the color juge! and sgt murah! ehe..

  7. nad, i agree yg maxi dress mmg sgt mengancam n IN now, currently ada 6 pcs je cos as u said nnt cepat OUT gaks. cepatla buat entry psl IN shoes lak ;)

  8. nasib la my hubby x approve of maxi dress, dia ckp nanti jd dbkl, sapu lantai ahahaha and yes bkn semua org sesuai kot ngan maxi dress ni....

  9. Yanie: 6 dah? sgt comfyy kann best je pakai.. ehe, will do about shoes!! :D

    Naddy: Betul!! I punye mmg la menyapu lantaiii :p :p