Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I am super busy these few days, settling Azli’s documents mostly.. and few more things. Will story later.. :D

Okay, I am his secretary. Betul!:p all accounts in my hands. Ehe.. but the bad things, he start asking for mineeeeee… oh tidak!! I’m not open, feel weird to share all my accounts with him! :p Seriously.. How u feel when someone really read all your stuffs? Weird is it? :p but I baca plak Azli punya tak kisah la pule kan. :p ehehe sukeeee…

I feel that we supposedly ada boundries with your partner, but but but I mmg kena je tau everything about him. :p Cuma if mine??? taknakkkk.. ahaha. OR maybe after we get married. :p

Both of us sangat berharap for this, if nootttt.. Oh my goodness tak sangguuuupppp tau nak postpone everything!! Semoga kami pass with flying colors for these obstacles. Amin, Amin.


  1. Insya Allah, semoga segalanya dipermudahkanNya.. :)

  2. ahahha.. well, aci mak aci, azli yang kasi password :p aku tak mintak okayyyy :p