Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spoken like a melody

Both me and Azli are compiling final songs for my wedding (opss our wedding!), Azli’s choice agak selalu kena reject dengan me. With red highlighter!. Kih kih

Just a simple task, first, chooses songs, and then state why you choose that particular song?, simple aite? Azli keeps complaining, ‘Macam assignment study je!’

But honey, at least I assigned you a task, kan? As Azli mentions, ‘feels that this is Nadia’s wedding instead of Azli & Nadia’s wedding’ ;p

Well, as a groom, you just need to sit, watch and try to say the right thing! :p

But, Azli still remember and keep the very first-first song he gave to me and other songs masa masa muda remaja belum couple dulu! Super sweeeetttt!! Those sweet words.

I will post my wedding planner's photo ;p Super pinkishhh ;D


  1. Wahh..sweetnya.

    I berangan for my wedding yang entah bila nanti buh lagu2 90's ballad (Mariah Carey's old songs etc), some oldies love songs, jazz, orchestra and of coz some rock songs :)

  2. mine was Sempurna by Andra..masa walk in the aisle :)then gamelan..

    wahh..rasa cam nk ulang balik event tu..

  3. Reena: I pon!! love 90's ballad. Yg penting sweeeetttt and romantic :D

    ita_miyuki: my mom pon nak gamelan :D

    sukeee lagu Sempurna juge!

    Sha: lagu ape sha?

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  5. Betty: eheee manede laa.. azli tue suke bg idea yg bukan2, tidak menepati konsep. ;p