Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Saya sangat rindu Azli. Almost 2 months tak jumpeeee nie.. haihhh..

You know what? When I arrived @ London in April, Azli did said ‘I sangat berdebar-debar tau bila nak tunggu you keluar dari pintu itu, sangat!’

Then he keeps flashing his camera and gave me my arrival present! But imagine how miserable I look after 13hours flight?? Ahahha.. deym., tidak comel langsung okay!

But that exactly the same feeling that I felt last December, after 8 months separated, waiting for him at Airport, oh myyy goodddnesss, really awkward feeling. Mix and match feeling, malu dan rasa sangat pelik! And happppyyyyyy at the same time.

Well, another 3 months nak jumpa! Sangat lama lagi *aihh and for sure I will blush when he push his trolley towards me nanti!

Nearly six months engaged! I’ve no idea how we managed through this crucial stage sampai half year ni. Alhamdulilah. Semoga sampai ke akhirnya. Amin. Amin.

Azli! It’s priceless to be your fiancée, I can’t imagine after 2 years plus, we are happily engaged now! I still remember your first ‘pick up line’. How you always calm me down. I can’t wait to be your life partner, just sit beside you every single day and watching Friends and Liverpool match, ehe over and over again. Azli, I love you and miss you sgt! ( Loud and Clear! I know I seldom says that when I dengan yuuu :p pemaluuuuuu)


  1. alahai comey yea.. sha engaged 6mths gn ijam trus kawin ehhehe..

    best tau kawin. leh lepak lama2 xde sape nk marah ;-)

    all the best dear

  2. Aws .. bestnye baca dah lama kahwin dah tak takde all these .. hmmm maybe i should go somewhere without mozard and bagi both of us rindu each other more hehehe!

  3. awww so sweeettt... :)
    LDR is tough kan ? *sigh*

    what was his pick up lines ?? eheh

  4. Aaawwww..Comelnya..

    A'ah. Nak tau gak his pick up line (kepochi).

  5. be strong nadia,believe me,long distance marriage is way harder.hang on there,bulan 8 tak lame lagi!i've been on long distance relationship since 2002,nangis terguling,on phone sampai tertido and segala macam dah gone through huhu.

  6. sweetnya...teringat mula2 bertunang dulu gak..skrg that almost 6 years dah kawin, tak rasa sgt cam tu hihih

  7. Hhehhee, comel dengar ami cerita nangis terguling and on phone sampai tido :p. Btw, ive been there too ami, tapi malangnya i'm not getting married for the time being. Tapi utk dear nadia, nak dekat dahhhh. So cherish the moment being single and i knw u are the perfect match for azli. Dia sayang sangat kot kat uuu. Hhehehe, dulu masa dia spend masa dgn kawan2 and i ada skali, then i 'ter'nampak die berwebcam dgn u. Kiranya dia pandai bahagi masa for u and friends. Lucky u! :)

  8. Sha: ehehe best! 6months je.. kami sudah lebihhhhh.. aih :p :p

    Nana: it’s won’t work if 2 3 weeks separated. Ahah.. kene 2 3 bulan!! Baru feeeellll.. tapiiiii boring :p :p Mesti je kak nana tak sangguppp :p

    Deloress & Reena: I’ve no idea kenape boleh tahan macam nie punye lame! :p Pick up line? Something to do with Liverpool :p :p itu je, senang je :p :p

    Ami: Betul! Lepas kawen takmauuuuu long distance.. :( ahaha same la… nangis on phone, webcam. Sumeee laaa.. tertido pon pernah. Last2 Azli hang up jeee :p

    Ninie: eheee…itu la.. dah kawen, sume berubah, yelahh mengadap hari2 kan. :p

    Aida: Aha of course cherish the moment of being single. Ehe but it’s different when u dah kerje tauuu.. :p :p boring, and not able to dating like normal couple.. :p :p lagi laaa.. but few months to enjoy self.. :D :D
    Nie mesti last year kannn, mase dia selalu pegi soton :p :p