Saturday, July 04, 2009


Okay, I totally freaks out, I just realize that only have around 5 months plus for my wedding. I slowly move, because of I always thought ‘lama lagi..’

Then minus puasa and raya, ah? Only 3 months plus. *pening! Baru tersedar!

I finalized the theme colors way back, but suddenly macam nak tuka pulak! Aiyayay!

But, now, I am having issue with flowers, bridal bouquet, for hantaran, for room, housie.

I love roses, always my favorite flower. But, I used roses for engagement with blue color! Surprisingly lots of people questioning about blue roses, ‘adakah? Rose biru?’ Bolehkah begitu?

I je ke pernah nampak previously?

Okay, I got 4 types of flowers in my mind. Still thinking! ;)

Now, I do think, how much money I should save for our children’s wedding?????????????? Wohhh, will cost us bomb nanti!

*I love berfikir dari sekecil-kecil benda, sangat remeh temeh ;) :p
*Oppsie, my entries selepas ini will more to 'preparation for my wedding' ;) Jangan boring okay? ;p


  1. tak pe.. tak boring :)
    When I look back, I'm quite amazed that actually I used my own money (almost 100% of the whole wedding of my side). Tapi sederhana aje lah.
    At least ni kira awal jugak. Ada gak bakal pengantin yg really last minute... alahai...

  2. i suke roses+lilies!eh lilies tak masuk dlm your list:p
    org yg dah lame kawen nie pon still peek through wedding magazines and what not,sukee!so no worries k,mmg best bace pasal wedding preparation ni ;)

  3. i choose daisies...cntek sgt..xpe xboring read bout wedding prep..coz leh jdkan my guide eventho lambat lagi kan..heheh 2nang pon lom lg...

  4. Liyana: I denga pon quite amazzeeee, if me macam tue, lame lg la nak kawen.. eheheh baru sthn setengah keje :p

    Tapi seriously tak boleh lambat lagii.. Hot Date! nanti sume melepas. ehehe

    Reena: ahaha.. tapi lawa la juge kan :D

    Ami: lilies, prefer tulips moreee :D wedding mmg temptation kan.. girl's dream ;)

    Yana: Thanks tau comment! daisies pon lawa kan! suke2 ;)

  5. Verde: Yep tulip gorjes + elegant
    yang lain tue, sweet ;)