Thursday, July 02, 2009



Malasnyeeeeee nak update! So lazy to do anythinggggg.. Messy, drama, oh gosh! (Can’t imagine I) I need to calm down and relax, cepattttt laaaa our bachelorette party, opssss our bachelorette vacation! Need to relax and covered ourselves with white sand! awww.. cepat2. (Azli freaks out about me + friends + beach, kih kih ;p)

But before that, City Vacation first! Can’t wait too girls! (orang busy2 H1N1 kan, I nak bz bercuti pulak!)

So lately what's up with my mind? See, my colleague starts his MBA this week, my other colleague viva her MSc last week, My housemate in her mid way for her MBA journey.
I want to continueeeee so badly! like now! but it is impossible ermm, I need to complete my wedding plan first! :p

Maybe I can start thinking, what & which field that I want to pursue. MSc IT, MSc, Management or MBA? I prefer IT plus management, or maybe can straight continue MCSc in Software Engineering or just SESA? Or MoM just like my mummy :D Continue the same field or different? Waaaahhh lots of consideration!

My goal is complete my doctorate by 35 or before 40 (take it slow yeee, i can't put a side my work experience part :p need that!). Cross finger! ehe Azli aimed his Ir, so me aimed for Dr. Good! takde la dua2 busy study kan!

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  1. berchoti dimana kah kowang mek....mak ituttttttttt...tak sedor dirikah aku neh...nak berlaki....wehh mek kalo ko nak view chet bok aku pakai mozilla,adalah sgt menghampakan pakai ie ko tau..aku pun alamai mcm ko...lalu sepantas thunder aku load mozella firefox...laju okeh....sgt best plak berblog kek opis neh...aman jerk...

  2. Eryyynnnn: Jom laaaa ikut.. tinggalkan Boy tue kejap jeee :p :p :p