Friday, July 03, 2009

One more complete!

Upsss, one more dulang complete! Thanks to summer sale! Azli extremely happy for his new watch! ;) Left his Burberry bag maybe or other brand, I have no idea, Azli ni sangat la cerewet if related to his items.

Most wanted watch for him, aiming for months, tibe tibe ada sale plak kan. Kena lah beli masa sale yeee (kerana gaji saya tak sebanyak Azli :p) At first jam itu wayyyyyyy beyond my hantaran budget.

I can’t argue with Azli’s choice of brand. Kih kih.. Berangan nak jadi Beckham ke? :p Haram okay, apa apa berkaitan dengan Man U, ex player pon tak bolehhhhh ;p haram.

Upss! Kami memang begitu, hantaran for him, my money; my hantaran will be Azli’s money. Everything else will be share, photographer, videographer, etc etc :).

I’m not using my parents’ money except for kenduri kendara. Itu will be my parents’ responsibility.

Getting married will empty your pocket! But do not totally empty okay??? If not makan pasir la after getting married ;p