Friday, July 31, 2009



I am super duper busy this whole weeeeekkkkkkkkk!!! workload :( :( sob sob..

I baru sampai rumah dari office terceeeenta itu (2am nie!). I need to study some more ;p eheee to choose the design that I really want! I don't want to make another appointment just to finalize everything. Takmau! my schedule really packkkk lately!

So my design should focus to cover up my hip, hip don't lie ehh, my perut ;p my arm. Hah! common issue ;p but I promise to lose at least 2kgs per month until the wedding day. I think I super fat lately! tak boleh elak laa ;( workload terlampau sangat ;(

After meeting with the designer, I rushhhhh to pick up my solemnization shoes! yeay! dah ready! SA called up, shoes dah safely arrived! penat tauuu tungguuu, takutttt I if SA tue terlupa ;p

Next week, tinggal 4 months plus jeeee until the wedding day :S scaryyyy, macam tak menang tangan je ni!

I think corset is a must for me!! ;p memang tak makan laaaa I lauk pengantin ;p tak boleh nak masuk dah!

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