Wednesday, July 08, 2009

was watching Michael Jackson's Memorial Live.

#Jackson Brothers carried MJ into the public memorial service.

I was crying out loud when Paris's said

'Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine! I just wanted to say I love him so much.'

Oh gossshhhhh, sangat sedih when MJ's daughter said that.

Rest in peace MJ, rest in peace...

Emotional farewell by everyone, Brooke Shields, Usher, Stevie Wonder and etc etc.

I remembered myself crying when I tau Princess Diana died. Kalau Oprah, lagi laaa nak pengsan i, I love her so much!


  1. i missed out dear! too tired nk watch the live of MJ's. sob sob sob..

  2. i menangis satue baldi part minah nie hokeyyyyyy!!!
    so pure n innocent!
    a simple msg for daddy MJ yet very meaningful :D

  3. Sha: ade ulangan plus youtube! sile carik :D

    Verde: itu laaaa, I nangis lggg bile tgk repeat and even bace news pon. aiseyyyy cry baby laaa ;p ;D

  4. She is really love her daddy, she lost a father :(