Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 1

Have you guys heard about Master Cleanse? 10 days without any foods, but only Lemonade, made from Lemon, B Grade Maple Syrup and few pinch of Cayenne Pepper.

Only that for minimum 10 days! Crazy enough right?

So am I!

My very first day today! wish me luck, and Beyonce did Master Cleanse for 14 days and lost 22 lb (9 kg) for Dreamgirls. (Tak tahu la betul ke idak yeee ;p kot2 lipo ke)

But I choose to try, sebab I felt like super fat, Caffeine as daily routine, Starbucks for 2, 3 days once. Carb pagi petang siang malam. Wedding is coming soon, makan tak berhenti-henti. I need to detox all bad habit!

So my I prefer 10 days, so my hell journey will end on 21st August. Wish me luck! tak tauuuuuu la dapattttt ke tak finish. ;p


  1. GOOD LUCK bebeh!!!

    Emm..I pun rsa mcm nk try je benda alah ni..Perut sudah muncittt..Huhu.

  2. nadia,
    ko gemok ke? mana ade beb..
    perasaan ko je tu..hehehe..

    nway, good luck!
    asalkan tak memudaratkan diri k..

    bile kawen?
    ko jgn lupe plak pos wedding card kat aku eh!

  3. ye sile share2 itu magic potion...n where to gert the stuff juga ye :)

  4. cam ganas je diet care nih. chup, means ko makan bende nih je ke babe?? aaaaaaaaaaa

    anyway, good luck k

  5. that long without food? don't overdo it dear!! get a good workout & no meals after 7pm, carbo once a day,preferably lunch, lots of fibre & H20 (no other flavored drinks) - it should work,i think (based on other ppl's experience)
    Anyway good luck!

  6. Reena: biar tgk i dulu ye, berjaya ke idak nie ;p

    Angah: itu sume ilusi, ko dah lame tak jumpe aku, sooooooo ;p kawen lame lg, jgn risau! mesti punye

    Verde: I'll blog daily, 10 days in hell! ;p

    Fio: agak laaaaaa.. ye, hanye ini semate2 tau. nothing else.

    Calla lily: I'll try sume dah.. tinggal ni plus lipo. ;p ;p ;p i'll try first 10 days, if i can't take it, I'll drive straight away to mcD ;p

  7. dear not too much on lemon coz acidic kan, nanti gastric pulak... nak do detox, do proper detox... :)

  8. hi nadia,dont forget to post d result ya.if good, i will follow uuuu..

  9. yep...i heard bout that

    been trying that before, tapi without that pepper lah...

    tp skrg i just take lemon and honey daily (warm)...

  10. wow. how can anyone survive for that 10 bloody days?? ok sorry, dont wanna put u down. nothing imppossible if u got the will. gud luck :)

  11. kalo dah rezeki tu makan je selagi boleh ;)

  12. naddy: tue la.. scary juge :D thanks

    Ayesha: I willll ;)

    Omey: ahaha, i pon terrfikir juge! but I tgk la sampai bile i bertahan first

    Mosfet: eheee.. ni dah terrlampau byk mkn :D

  13. tymy: kalau amek tue je, okay ke? still losing weight tak? ;p

    Betty: Dapat! tapi mahal gile! ;p

  14. darling, jgn lama2 coz nnt ade gastric cam sha. that's y sha slowly cut my rice. biar ler lambat jgn smpai ade gastric.

  15. Sha: pernah ke try niee? itu la.. scary juge, nanti kalau tak laratt.. terus je makannn ;p thanks tauuu

  16. hi,

    i bru bace blog u abt his master cleanse where to get this 2 things

    B Grade Maple Syrup and few pinch of Cayenne Pepper?

    i rase x pernah dgr or i yg mmg tak tau???

    mcm nk try la....

    since u dh bpe kali did this?

    cmne rsenye???

    pls share .... i tak hilag a kilo pun since deliver grrrr.....

    i tought nk email u tp x jumpe ur email add btw i alredy add u at fb :)