Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 2


I don't have any problem during my first day of Master Cleanse, I used to eat once a day, so no big problem. Cuma rase lapar la malam-malam tue. Haven't got any headache or back pain yet.

But the hardest will be the first 3 days according to other people, I do read online forum and youtube to keep myself on track ;p

I feel light todayyyyy!!! I woke up and not feeling any unusual thing. I weight myself, I lost 1lbs for Day 1. Good thing!

I always want to do detox, why i choose Master Cleanse? for me it is simple, because I do know what inside my drink rather than I eat or I drink or swallow any pills which I've no idea what they put inside.

I can't wait to end this journey! and start healthy habit back. Maybe I'll go vegan? kih kih macam mustahilllll!

Okay, still remember this entry? Latest picture of our Mimi, dah sangat besar kan? Sebab dia suka minum susu full cream hari-hari. tunggu je depan pintu peti ais tue pagi-pagi. ;p Bila orang tunjuk chocs milk, pandang pon taknak, if we shows full cream milk nanti dia dia letak tangan dekat susu tue! ;p comel!


  1. sedap tak lemonade tuh?
    tak rase lapar ke satu hari? mmg tak rase nak mkn lansung yek?
    kalo ada minum ape jadi? :p

    wish u all the best with your master cleanse tuh yek.. hehe! :D
    support u from here!
    Go kak nadie Go!

  2. wah. 1bs. tunggu lagy nih.

    ade idea cmne nak kempiskan perut selain push up?

    :D terima kasih.

  3. My Blogger: eee memang! ;p thanks for comment thou ;D

    Rab: hah lupe nak cite rasenyeeee ;p mmgggg lapa la wei.. lol. tapi bile minum tue. rase penuh. sbb ade pepper kot ;p

    fio: sit upppp, malasnyeeee la ;p ehehe tapi ko tau swim? fastest way laaa.. cume aku tak tauu ;p and avoid sweet drink :D

  4. omg today i ate murtabak raja for lunch. dem nice lah macik. u should try one.