Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 4

Wohhh, I tak rase lemah langsung! I'm so energetic last night compared with Day 2. Maybe my body get use with the Lemonade routine. No headache. Looking forward for Day 4.

So I lost 1.2 lbs for Day 3. My Weight Loss Ticket as above finally updated! Wohooooo, I will start jogging by today! ;D Maybe just 1 hour walk ;p ;p u have to exercise babe! and another good thing I'm signing up Mizuno Run on 25 Oct! 10KM run ;D Penang Bridge Run on November will be consider as it is 21KM!

Ohhhh I lupa to story about my Adidas Run :D my first ever ruuuuuunnnnn, and I finish it!!! 11KM you guys! so proud of myself ;p and Naz lagi super hebat ;p cepat gile sampai. ehehe.. so here is the photo! ;D with Naz yang dah super slim, dia joggggg hari2 babe! and Adidas was her 3rd Run or 4th?

I hope until my wedding day, I managed to get my previous weight back, or slimmer than that. The truth is I happily gained 8kgs after I met Azli ;p and tak pernah turun since then, so I need to cut down at least 10kg in 4months ni lol.


  1. wowie nadia..good for u.. Berkesan.. Looking forward for day 10. .=D

  2. Ayesha: ahaha.. I pon looking foward fro Day 10, seriously takkkk lalu nk minum lemonade plus pepper ari2 tauuu :)