Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 7

I lost another 1.2lbs.

Good sign! It's never stop, my weight decreasing every single day! sound crazy right? I target the end of Day 10, my target weight loss will be 10lbs, but only Day 7, down to 9lbs. Perut I dah flat sikit, and my face slimmer a bit, perut memang nampak beza! yang lain tak berapa pasti la kann... Good!!! I hopeeee I will not put on weight after this ;p Puasa Nadia, puase..

Master Cleanse Ingredient:

1. 10 Tablespoons of Maple Syrup
Only at Cold Storage for MYR34.99, it will last only for 4 Days (sob sob, mahal, you might need 3 bottles)

2. 10 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice
Any stores, price around 50-90cent per piece (Tesco cheaper sikit)

3. 1/2 Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
Any stores, price arond MYR3 - MYR9, depends on brand but will last for months.

4. Two Liters of Water
I used only a 800ml - 1 liter, because I can't drink that too much, so I will opt mineral water in between.

As recommended before bed time, you have to drink a liter water plus one tablespoon of organic sea salt, tapi I could not stand the awful taste. *Sea salt only at Cold Storage.

But I just drink detox tea instead, you can buy at Watson or Guardian, I memang drink the tea previously for my daily intake, so I no need to buy another one ;p Small box MYR28.90, Big box 56.90. I bought a big box setiap kali pon. Last for a month and half if big box.

anddddddd, a digital scale ;p so you can keep track your progress. Normal scale pon okay.

I definitely having hard time to drink benda over and over again, that's why I don't want to buy herbalife and etc etc, ala mahal pon. ehehehe.. and another thing, it's shake. sebab tue I lagi la tak tahan. Ini cuma pendapat saya. But I can do pills, Sendayu Tinggi ke, but itu mahal sgt, I choose for Gym, jogging, previously, but.. seriously tak sempat je nowadays.

So I choose this because I saw with my own eyes, how Jijah, slimmer because do this diet. But itu cuma somewhere last year, I think, now, baru berani nak try, setelah badanku dipam pam.

Important thing, whatever you did, you have to maintain it!! I did Southbeach Diet previously and jogging every single day, memang turun, tanya Naz, Betty. ;p lepas tue laaa Azli came back. hah tak maintain, makannnn je hari2. puffffffffff pam balik..

But for working life, its totally different, 8hours in office, pastu dah malas dah nak jogging, tak sempat, yada yada. I do have personal trainer pon previously. But it's hard to keep myself in Gym! so.. lost few kg, after session with Personal Trainer habis, gain balik. You must have discipline, if you want to maintain your weight, this specially for person yang senang je naik berat badan!.. meee!!!

Weight issue will never end. for me. ;p


  1. diet jgn sampai you fell out sick :)
    gd luck sis :P

  2. Wowwww!!!

    Nak jugak! Bdn Fin pun bagai dipampam cam belon udara tu hah. Sgt chubbyyyyy!!! Uwaaa.

  3. didiey: itu lah! thanks!!

    Fynn: ahaha.. try laaaa, but seriouslyyyyyy iman kena kuat! ;p

  4. marbeles..full of info dat i need to start this journey. now wut i need the most is courage.woohooo
    7 downs 3 more to go bebeh.gudluck

  5. so tak leh mkn benda lain selain minum tu je ke? fuuhhh...tp mcm berbaloi...tak sakit perut ke?

  6. nak tnya sikit hihi :
    sukatan u bg tu utk whole day ke ?

  7. gerbera: I took almost a year tau baru go onnn ;p bile dah tau u can do it.. hah lagi la nk buat selalu nanti! ;p good luck babe!

    Ninine: Yeppp, no eating okay.. itu sukatan untuk whole day. so minum tue je.. like i said, first 3 days je yg suffer, yang nk pengsan, lepas tu u can jogging pon! becoz ur body get used to the diet. :D

  8. Wowwww... you're really strong to be able to resist all d good food! another 3 days to go!! all the best babe!

  9. kakak, better mkn sket.

    coz heard that maple syrup not good for our body...esp perempuan. something goes with peranakan....

    however, gud luck tau! nanti bulan pose kite g buffet hotel...kekekke

  10. calla_lilly: itu laaa! i pon tak sangke. ;p

    betty: ko ni, jgn la menakutkan akuu.. eeee dah day 8 nie. mane ko dpt cite nie.

    yang aku tau. the reason gune maple syrup nie sbb more nutrient compared with normal sugar (high carb) so it's enough for whole day supplement for our body.


    buffet? jom! celebrate kurang berat dgnmenambah berat lg ;p next week weekend buke jom!

  11. Tang iman tu kena pikir banyak kali sebab rasa iman diri ni cam tak kuat je. Hihihi..

  12. Reena: ahaha iman kene kuat tengok makanan ;p ;p

  13. aaahhh, betul la u mmg kuat la.
    tapi brape hr je lagi untuk bertahan.
    lepas habis detox, mesti mkn2 sikit tau, nanti takut sakit. :)

  14. Aida: I ponnn tak sangke! ;) yep betul tue.. mmg kene makan juge. at least sikit. Thanks!