Wednesday, September 09, 2009

19 Days after Master Cleanse

Post Master Cleanse,

My last day of Master Cleanse was on 21st Aug. After 2 weeks plus later, I gained 3.3lbs, equal to 1.5kg, heyyyy pretty amazing right? I’m positive that I will gain weight, because of during Master Cleanse we are not allowed to eat anything for 10days. Of course la will gain few lbs kan?

So after 2 weeks plus plus, I makan macam-macam, including nasi! Still my weight never exceeds that 1.5kg gained. I gained that 3.3lbs right after 3-4days I stop Master Cleanse, so I just want to monitor the progress another a week plus, so I makan macam-macam and puasa,so it’s hanging there so far.

It’s depends how your body works and also how you eat! ;p yang penting maintannnnn :p jgn melahap sudah la kannnn..

Happy yeay! So I will do Master Cleanse again masa I tak puasa nanti, so if I lost another 3-5kgs, right before Raya, sangattttt laaaaaaa menarik! ;p Cuma, larat ke tak larat buat lagiii yeee? ;p tak makan apapa, haihhhh mind ;p