Saturday, October 24, 2009


How's my life after getting married? I've no idea, still thinking, sorting things, undecided. Maybe dah decide la.. it just we still view other options.

What you guys think about Long Distance Marriage? better not or better do? haihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I used with Long Distance thingy.

Friends - Long Distance - Checked!
Couple - Long Distance - Checked!
Fiancee - Long Distance - Checked!
Married - Long Distance - ????????!

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  1. I think in your situation, better not. I'm having an LDM because it's due to my PhD/collaboration work. My hubby is working with an international firm and there's no way of having unpaid leave for a long period. It's unfair for him too. He travels a lot, so I guess that's ok for now. Lagi pun, my collaboration project requires Malaysian based work as well. So I go back a few times a year, not too bad afterall.
    I know it's unfair for you too. Tapi since dah lama long distance r'ship ni, I think berbaloi bila kahwin you accompany him kat UK.
    Another thing is, bila lagi nak dok sana kan? Being a visitor is different from being a resident there. Dapat rasa susah senang dok tpt orang. Thus you'll apperiate that something that we sometimes take for granted. Just my dua posen :)

  2. Agreed with Liyana..

    Living in UK is different compares to just visiting. There's up and down.. but that will make it interesting esp building your life together as spouses.

    Yeah.. u'll miss all the foods.. crowds and all.. but the moment.. very single details and seconds of being next to him thru ups & downs together... it's priceless !!

    Furthermore u can always go home since AirAsia pun dah murah kann kan ?? hhehe just book at the right moment..

    Oh yeah.. 2 added bonus.. SHOPPPPING & TRAVELLING around UK & Europe... ♥HEAVEN :D

  3. dear nadia,

    in my opinion, marriage needs a lot of work for it to be a bed of roses. please don't do LDM. it's painful and absolutely senseless. the first few years of marriage are the times when you should really be spending time together, really getting to know each other -- tidur dengkut kuat mana, ayaq liur meleleh tang mana, baju busuk main campak atas lantai aje ke etc. plus, its important to spend as much time together as possible before your sleepless nights with you forthcoming bundles of joy. i know of people who bercinta bagai nak rak, kawin gempak alih2 bercerai tak sampai 2 tahun sebab LDM -- byk dugaan. mmg lah jodoh tak pjg tapi faktor jarak jauh pun perlu diambil kira. duduk lah dekat2 sebab tu lah best ada husband/wife. you have each other emotionally and physically. good luck!

    my 50 cents only hehehe

  4. Totally agree with Deloress & LadyOfLeisure. I forgot to mention that I've already started my PhD study when we got married. So things would've been different if I haven't. I would've insisted to do it in Malaysia then. However I was very fortunate because I had a 7-months Malaysian-based project at the beginning of our marriage. Gave us opportunity to build a foundation of husband-wife relationship. That was priceless!!

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  6. Kalau aku...cukuplah 3 tahun LDR...kalau lps ni LDM..mau bercerai-berai...cannot tahan anymore.

    This the time u shud spend ur life wif Azli..Early marriage adalah sgt best sbb kite mayb blom ada anak lg so live life to the fullest. ;)

    aku akan rindukan ko....

    tp EU sgt best ok!

  7. See Nadia (pat on the back).. u got good sound advice.. from 2 experience lovely ladies :). Since Im not married (yet), but living abroad with a LDR.. it's quite tough jugak la. But since its a not a 'legal' rship, it doesnt matter that much. U can still b independant and all.

    But when u're in matrimony, it's a different scenario. Be together for each other through thick and thin. Be a good companion :)

    my 99p only :P

  8. To Liyana, Deloress, LadyofLeisure, Betty:

    Many thanksssssssssss everyone! Very padat and useful comment! Love love ;D I can summarize here, few months after getting married such a crucial moment for both parties, when its emotionally and physically involved (ok, utk yg dah berkahwin sahaje ;p) to build a foundation of marriage itself before anak-anak yang berderet dan tak keluar rumah sampai umur 18 tahun itu. ;p Myself can't imagine to do LDM, but its an option for our case, but I tak sanggup juge!! ;(

    Liyana: Thanks for you doploh sen, so useful! U so closeeeeeee to finish ur PHD and be with ur hubby kan??? I adore how ur manage to handle everything! sangat kuat ok :)

    Deloress: Thanks for your 99p and true! Air Asia dah murah and his place just an hour from London :) and for shopping? *wink Good luck fro you LDR, I manage until this point, u can do it girl!

    LadyofLeisure: Thanks for you 50cents,ayaq liur meleleh tang mana ituuuu can't take it lah! but it comes with package right? ehee we'll never know until after we get married! ;p

    Betty: aku merinduimu jugaaaa!!! see ya in OZ. ;p

  9. Eh, so u lepas kawin nanti pi dok kat UK ka? Mmg heavennnn la klu camtu. Hehe.

  10. Reena: tak tau lg. still deciding. :D tapi yang penting. Bog NO NO with a long distance marriage. :)

  11. alamak terlepas nak comment!
    If you have an option,just don't do it.I think you've heard,read and experienced enough with LDR and as everyone else says,marriage and what more LDM, requires more effort than that.Yerp,the first few months are the most crucial,both of you are adjusting to the new phase and you need support from each other,so being away just make it even harder.

  12. Ami: still boleh comment ape ;p true, me and him entering the new phase, so we need each other badly. lotssss of thinking and consideration ni! ;p thanks btw!