Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Morning guys,

Am decided to sell this Brand NEW Ralf Lauren's shirt, this actually a gift for my dad, tapi dia tak suka, because according to him, baju ini singkat, memang pon ;p okay, fyi my dad lagi tinggi dari Azli yang berukuran 177cm itu. So XL is not a very good choice from me ;p

Sive: XL
Color: Soft Blue
Price: RM120 (*Including Postage within Malaysia)


Item bought in England early this year :)This entry.

Another one is my Brand NEW Emporio Armani's Jeans! seriously worth buyinggggg, sebab I belum pernah pakai ;p

Size: 29
Color: Faded Blue
Price: RM300 * Nego (*Including Postage within Malaysia)

* young easy fit
* slightly low waist
* embroidery badge applied on the back right pocket
* slightly boot-cut leg

Speaking about height, I got few reactions, 'hah, tinggi rupanya dia ni, dalam gamba nampak kecik je'

Okay people thought that I'm petite lady, no no no.. dalam gamba nampak petite ke? but I takdak la tinggi sangat, biasa-biasa je, kurang 13cm dari Azli je, me almost 5'5" tauuuu ;p.

I think that's why people tot I kecik je kot, sebab nampak rendah dari Azli. Sesungguhnya, saya bukan petite. ;p aha.. I will veryyy close to Azli's height during my wedding day nanti, thanks to my 4 Inches wedding shoes. Yeay!


  1. ala seriously if the jeans comes in size 26/27 i nak!

  2. ok i mmg dah xmuat pakai jeans sejak lahirkan damia... :( abis sume levis i xblh pakai.. uwaaaa!!!!

  3. Omey83: alaaa i tak kecik macam uuu :p

    fizamior: simpan bg damia pakaiii ;p