Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Sunday

They throw me 'so-called-kejutan' Bachelorette party last night. Everything is perfect! From foods, decorations, gifts and games. love love. I'm soooooo gonna miss them all :( :( sad .Pictures all with Betty's camera, I bawak mine, tapi dah lah blind folded and everything, so tak sempat nak bukak my camera pon, so after I get picture from Betty I'll post here ;)

Okay nak habaq kat sini, I managed to lost 19.4 lbs total up since I start my weight loss project back in August I guess. I hope I'll not gain back after because my wedding in 5 weeks. Happy Yeay! Penat tau nak kurangkan berat. :(

Okay Happy Sunday guys! ;)


  1. not so happy after all eh after that incident :p

  2. hi dear, i ade email u regarding oblong shawl tu but u haven't reply my email.pls reply k. i nk bank in the payment.tq