Friday, November 06, 2009


It's our anniversary today :)

Hopefully more years to come! Selamat ke jinjang pelamin, ke anak cucu, ke akhir hayat kami. Amin.

For Azli, I love you endlessly, couldn't imagine my life without you! ;)


  1. nadia. getting married?? besssnyeee!! december eh? congratulations! besnyeee shopping n prepare for wedding. paling bes! hehe. :)

  2. happy anniversary...
    bestnye nak kawen dah :)

  3. happy anniversary!
    lepas nie kene add wedding anniversary plak ;p

  4. Nak wish juga lagi :) Happy anniversary Dear Nadia and Azli. Wishing u both present and future happiness. Nice knowing u and if Azli is not my friend, then we might not be able to knw each other agaknya. Eyh, maybe boleh kenal juga thru blogging kan? :)

  5. happy anniversary to both of u! sgt suka tgk pic uols tuu

  6. nana: ehehe yep! thanks nana, ehhh congrats for ur lil baby in your tummyyyy :p

    yana: thanks!

    fizamior: thanks! aminnnn tooo

    Ami: itu for sure! ;p

    Aida: blogging maybe the other way kan? ;) thanks!!

    Ninie: thanks! meeee too.. :p sgt suke this picture!