Thursday, November 12, 2009


Tried to watch the movie. (15minutes je kot I survive ;p)
Tried to read their books. (my 16yo sister got em all)

YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyy, I still tak kena demam Twilight ni? aiyayayyy, I still watching Miss Congeniality! or still laughing when watching Ice Age 2 ;p demmmm lama gila dah tu!

Maybe I should watch it at Cinema, baru feel kot. But, doubt it! ;p Not for me kot ;p


  1. Nadia, i pun tak baca new moon lagi. And i'm that kind of person who is really not an avid lover of books. But i think you have to be at your relaxing area, somewhere different (not your bed or you rented house). Perhaps on your sis's bed/on the sofa, baru dapat the vibe. Then, make a hot tea/hot choc and ignore everything else. Mesti 3-4 hari habis :)

    p/s: muvie dia kene tgk. Kasi bunga2 di hati :p :p

  2. i'm not really into vampire stories but twilight really change my perception. the novel is wayy better than the movie tho. I dah habis baca 4 buku tu and still nak ulang baca :)

  3. Aida: I pon tak sure la, I'm not into scary-vampire movie kot, me more to romantic, comedy typo. If buku macam tue, sehari je habis! ;p Btw, good suggestions, will try that! ;p

    Omey: Ohhhhh serious ke? siap nak ulang tu!! ;p ;p

  4. didiey da habes bace 4 books tu.hehe.And ta letey ulang2 lagi ;p

  5. I pun not into Twilight saga ni. My reason: Too overrated & over hyped (Ampun ye Twilight fans).

    Tunggu lah nanti lagi 5-6 or 10 tahun ke kot-kot terbuka hati nak baca buku or tengok movie dia.

  6. i pun tak tgk movie & baca buku dia... adakah i ketinggalan zaman? haha!!!

  7. Didiey: ni mmg kaki vampire nie ;p

    Reena: ahaha! same with me, mebi in few years la kot ;p tapi kalau dah tak minat, kadang2 tak heran pon sampai bila2 ;p

    fizamior: if you ketinggalan zaman, i pon lah!!! ;p