Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mahu mengurangkan Berat Badan?

Remember this?

Dukacitanya I failed. I managed to get until Day 5, then ada wedding la itu la ini la. Stop. Soooo 2 weeks after, I realize that my wedding in few weeks time. This isssssssssss my wedding! I need to lose lots of weight!

So I target for 11 days. So will be finish this Friday. Wish me luck people. But surprisingly I mampu untuk resist so many temptation.

I naik 4.5kg in 7 weeks, okay lets see what I ate. Raya's food for a week, open houses every week, Mc D lebih dari 10kali, KFC lagi, Pizza lagi, Ikea Meetball 3kali, Burger King lagi. Gila? mmg! sebab I mmg out of control! semuanya start Raya, bila u start tak jaga makan, and start eating all berlemak kind of food, u dead! ;p I mean u start to love back all the fat's taste melting in your mouth.

So Alhamdulillah, I lost all Raya's fats, so now my weight loss ticker is moving slowly, from 16 lbs before puasa to 16.8 lbs by today. I hope until Friday I can hit total weight loss 20 lbs. So next week I can start with healthy diet. It a must, to maintain and I need to drop few lbs slowly with light exercise and well balanced food.

I pernah drop 5kgs in 3 months with only jogging 2 hours everyday, okay whom I'm kidding? not jog, but walking ;p and with help South Beach Diet. Oleh kerana I kekurangan duit masa belajar, that's the best option to drop few kgs off. My concept in Losing Weight are if I spending more money to buy expensive product, better I tak makan, because my money will double up with product+eating. Noooo offend ye readers, all my close friends are using Herbalife, Usana, Mustika Ratu, Sendayu Tinggi, Jus Mate and so on, diorang pon tahu I macam tu, all products are working, seriously my friends lost 8kgs using Herbalife during puasa, Usana? u can read Reena or Shilashower's blog or Jusmate? one of my friend lost 4kgs in a month. Again, itu cuma itu my personal choice. Lain orang lain la kan? :D

Maybe after this friday I can start back South Beach Diet with skipping or any light exercise. For me, Master Cleanse is very good to in order to drop few kgs in DAYS! and to maintain, that's the hardest things to do. So for me, I will cut all carbs, white flour, fast foods, soda. :)

And my wedding pon in few weeks je kan? wish me luck people!!


  1. Good luck bebeh!

    I tak boleh la diet yang macam tak makan apa gitu. My body tak boleh terima coz end up i'll eat moreeeee nanti. Exercise i every day punya morning walk nak pi keja. Jadilah..Hehe.

    Dulu i penah buat diet yang i cipta sendiri iaitu minum air Ribena semata-mata for like err..1 week ke 2 weeks gitu. Lost weight banyak pastu gained balik. Haha. Bongok punya diet ciptaan sendiri.

  2. Yana: Thanks babe!

    Reena: Ehehe.. itu la. diet ni, ikut orang juge, ada yang sesuai ada yang tak kan.

    Hah??? napa plak Ribena? kelakar la u ni! ;p