Tuesday, November 10, 2009

*Sad. sad

Maydayyyyyyy, mayyyydayyyyy

Rasa nak terpengsan, I absolutely aimed this coat since last week, (okay bila I tau I honeymoon masa Winter).

Bila I check back today, yelah menjamu mata kan. The coat only LEFT 2 sizes, and its my size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yang lain semua dah out of stock!

Tak sempat nak tunggu Winter Sale, and harga pon tak kurang! Haruskah ku beli juga or pasrah je dgn whatever left masa Christmas sale nanti. Sob sob sob.

Ada sesiapa mau derma tak????????????????????? ;( *sad sad

I adore the belt and the coat only 50% wool ;p


  1. kalau time winter better 100% wool... but then if u pakai termal inside n then coat 50% wool pun ok kot... it depends how tahan our body ngan winter.... yg utama kena keep warm lah, style2 juga kang bekuuu takder maknanya ehehhe

  2. Hope the coat's warm enough for you!
    Enjoy your honeymoon :)

  3. naddy: ehehe.. true! i dah la tak pernah experience winter lg. mmg beku la kan ;p mebi i'll go for 2 coats instead :p ahaha

    fizamior: still thinking!

    calla_lily: i hope too! thanks

  4. Sometimes website shop punye stock tak sama dgn retail highstreet nye stock... i.e. if web sold out.. kat highstreet still ade lagi jual. Therefore usah panic & gundah gulana cik adik syg heheh :) ..

    One more thing.. from my experience la kan in buying coats/jackets here in UK.. u really have to 'witness' it yourself.. have a feel & touch of the fabric and try it on yourself. Kdg2 kite tgk kat website cantik gile... but bile tgk kat kedai .. quite disappointing and not WORTH the Price tag. And sizewise.. sometimes I have to wear 1 size smaller/bigger for certain cutting of the coats/jackets.

    Anyway.. if it really takde rezeki nak memiliki coat idaman ini at this moment.. who knows what future will bring to u.. berkat kesabaran maybe u akan dpt lagi better deal or coat yg terbaik during the SALE period.. Trust me on this!

    As sabarun minal iman =)

  5. I agree with Deloress. Coats/jackets ni kena touch & try. The size is different from blouse or T-shirt and ikut brand jugak. Seriously, you akan kelabu mata when surrounded by coats by designs and colours when you shop kat UK nanti.
    Mcm2 boleh pilih nak high-end labels or yg biasa2 like TopShop, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, River Islands, M&S, H&M...

  6. ala....tgu sale jer...
    jimat, bole try lg...hehehhe

  7. Dolaress: ahaha.. betul2 As sabarun minal iman, sila la bersabar ye nadia.. jimat duit lagi, but i should get a winter jacket before sampai la kan? sbb i takut mengigil kalau i pakai trench coat! ;p ;p

    Liyana: i dari skang dah rambang mate, hari2 tgkkkkkkk website for winter coat tauuu.. aduuiiii :p

    Betty: Baik kakak!

  8. totally agree with deloress...like my case, i check website dah habes size...then i called the boutique ade lagie...n yeah the size tue different ikut cutting of the baju aswell as the material...for those yg strechable u can always go for one size smaller than u usually wear...but for structured cutting, go for one size bigger...if preferably if u dapat try the coat...as dekat mannequin mmg cantikkkkkkkkkkk! bile on us, cam hampehhhh...hahhahaha :D

    so dah beli tak?

  9. Verde: itu lah pasal kan!! benci tauu. padahal lame lagi nak beli. u balik dr london, ponn i belum pergi ;p ;p tapi dah tak sabar nk tgk coat, I'm waiting for Christmas Sale!

  10. I've my fair share of winter in Madrid. Crazy cold I tell ya, it reaches -10C a few times I was there.

    Dun think it's advisable to buy it online or in KL, i wud suggest to buy it in UK or Spain itself. The collections are super julingkan mata and if you're not after the brands, you can get 2 or 3 or 4 really nice ones with that amount of $$.

    You may wanna go with 100% wool