Friday, January 22, 2010


Kawan-kawan, nak tanya sikit,

I do have skin emergency problem!

It's been a week since I arrived in Brighton. So, my face jadi sangat kering, kulit dah mula menggelupas nie. My facial wash dah beku, I've no idea whyyy ;p

If anyone biasa with winter (My very first winter nie! ;p), which product rich with moisturizer? yang sesuai di saat sejuk2 nie? :)

Thanks in advance!!


  1. Kalau time winter mmg u need extra moisturising lah... For me I used Artistry... and so far kalau gi overseas, any kind of weather pun my skin survived with the help of Artistry... Kalau nak u can cntct me :)

  2. ooo tu normal problem...huda ms mula2 smpi sana pon mcm tugak..wpun ms tu autumn...ur skin tkjt process to adapt in new weather..lm2 ok..huda dlu juz pkai olay mosturizer.mmng ok..n mst kena slalu pkai lotion..klo x..kering 1 bdn..

  3. That's quite normal because it's cold but very dry. I have to use heavy mosturiser during this season, takleh pakai yang 'matte'. Even though kena basuh everytime ambik wuduk & pakai semula mosturiser, there's no short cut, kena rajin pakai jugak. Kalau kat UK ada LUMENE (it's from Finland), that works for me coz created for Northern countries yg mmg ada extreme winter.

  4. sebamed lotion works for me :)
    lagi satu sebab jenis air kot. hohoh. ciscis. tak suke air UK :(

  5. clarins multiactive for day is good. clinique moisturiser pun bagus. of course kena reapply after wudhu' or if you wash your face sbb the cold air will dry your skin out. try the clarins one, my personal fave - hypoallergenic and very rich. good luck!

  6. selalu my skin tak kering sgt,tapi lips mmg sgt kering during winter,i pakai vaseline,nothing else.muka i pakai olay jer,works for me.

    oops btw nadia,i tak stay kat London dah,dah pindah germany since October,i ikut hubby.tapi sekarang cuti-cuti msia kejap.This May maybe pegi London kejap for commencement,kalau hubby rase2 nak mkn Harry's Ramsden tepi beach lagi boleh la i gi Brighton.

  7. Like Liyana said.. there's NO short cut. Kena rajin moisturise your skin & lips !! every am & pm & after wudu'. And must have 2 creams MORNING & NIGHT. Use together with serum even better. Esp u live near beach. Even in winter pun u still need SPF,at least 15.

    As a start, why dont u try facecream yg suitable for DRY skin. Then u can monitor your skin changes from there whether to stick to DRY cream or change to NORMAL, NORMAL-to-Dry, COMBINATION etc. Basically sini mcm² type of cream ade. Kena rajin 'bertapa' dlm BOOTS browse cream n test the richness hehe.

    I pun DRY skin to combination. For upper range, yg i dah try, Clarins memang bagus. Clinique not really, it makes my skin stinging & blotchy.

    For brand biasa², would recommend Nivea Q10 range, Loreal skincare ikut your age & skintype, Sanctuary Spa by Covent Garden (jual kat Boots) esp Pro-Collagen Night Concentrate & Rich Rejuvenating Moisturiser SPF15.

    Oil of Ulay so far i tried, x suit my skin. Memang kena 'trial & error', tgk which one that suits your skin the most.

    Tido jgn pasang heater. Satu punca kulit kering & dehydrate. If possible have your window open a lil bit during night time, just to let the fresh air in. I knw mmg sejuk, tp lama² insyAllah boleh biasakan.

    Drink plenty of water too. It helps your overall skin condition. =)

  8. No idea. Walaupun 7 tahun aku mengharungi winter -20c kat Korea dulu, sungguh berbeza dengan Brighton ko kot. Yg penting minum bnyk air dan malam bila tido pasang bende yg berasap2 tu, tatau ape name heheh tapi org Korea panggil kasepgi.

  9. Naddy: Artistry Amway eh?

    Huda: Itu lah kan, terkejut kot, aritue bukan main panas, tiba2 sejuk sgt plak :) Thanks

    Liyana: LUMENE, I check website, I mcm tak nampak anywhere for UK store. mebi takde kot.

    Niny: my husband pon ckp benda yg same :)

    LadyofLeisure: Claris or clinique, will check! :D aha tapi well bab apply frequently tu yg agak malas ;p

    Ami: Jommmm dtg Brighton, but early May I balik KL :D eyhhh, lama tak u kat Germany? boleh la I dtg sana jln2 ehhh :D

  10. Deloress: 2 ppl recommend clarins, shud gv a try then. Loreal suits me well, but not olay, so maybe kite lebih kurang sikit kot kan :p

    well, drink plenty of water and kena sgt rajin la kan, (I agak malas sikitttt =p but hv tooo) thanks so much!

    Mosfet: erh aku rasa, korea lg sejuk kot kan? ehehe.. tp aku doubt sikit kalau ko pakai any creams kan? ;p tak dapek la aku carik benda alah kasepgi tue kan ;p