Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Can u see my new ticker? 2 days more! alaaa bukannye honeymoon sgt, saja nak tulis honeymoooooonnn ;) our Madrid honeymoon lame lg, end of this month. ;p

We will get our wedding piccas by today! best takkk? ;) sukeee. I thought at first tak jadi, becoz Suriya, the big big boss of GreenApple admitted @hospital a day after cover our bertandang shoot. But she sms-ed me yesterday, her staff will compile our wedding dvd before our flight.

Baikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sgt! even dah sakit nak beranak, tapi still managed to satisfied her client.

I recommended GreenApple, all staffs sgt baik dan peramah, tak berkira, overall sgt puas hati! I yakin sikit dgn gamba dorg nie, sbb tue dr tunang amek dorg. :)

Toodles! will upload our wedding pictures soon eh :) hopefullyyy, sbb baju belum pack nie!


  1. can't wait for the pics dear :) btw, ull be coming to UK with li is it? weeee, best-best dapat duduk berdua survive the UK weather. but the weather might not be nice sekarang, hhuuhuu..tension je. btw, u have a safe journey darl :)

  2. Aida: soooonnn will upload ehh ;p itu laa.. but this week okay sikit i rasa compare last month eh?