Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A housewife or Domestic Goddess?

Rase nak belajar kembali meluap-luapppppppppppp, macam mana itu? tp according to our plan, its better I continue my study starting next year intake. Mmg betul pon, hopefully by next year, everything will properly in place.

Tp when you do nothing in almost a month and half,(another half month kira cuti kahwin lah ;p) rasa macam pening juga. ;p

I never in jobless position, ever! I start my first job right after final exam in my final trimester in MMU (we use trimester, sebab kami ada 3 sem and sikit cuti sem, cittt ;p). My first job in HR department, one of big organization in country, sebab kan my degree in Software Engineering (easy word, IT) so I wanted to try IT field, so quit my job by Thursday and start new job on Friday, ahaha, seee I never jobless langsung! So i kerja sampai la I hantar resignation letter last November (Almost 2 years juga la kerja).

When bosses asked why I didn't request for transfer to London branch, I nakkkk! But after further discussion with Azli, I just resign la. Its better than I keluar rumah 6am and balik 9pm kan? to London, which I'm not familiar with. And Azli's income more than enough for both of us, that's why I choose to be a housewife at this moment.(cukup lah, makan minum, pakai. takdelah nak beli LV tiap2 bulan kan ;p)

Lagipon, we just married, its better if I spend quality times for both of us rather than just see Azli few hours in a day.

But, best apa dok rumah, tengok tv, khatam kan semua series tapi dapat duit end of the month ;p ;p cuma sometimes rasa tak productive, its not I'm bored, tak ponnnn, tapi I rasa otak tak berjalan ;p. I hope next year will be a different chapter for our life, especially mine, as I'm planning to continue my Master and get a job! (job tu, maybe sooner kot, end of year ;p soon ke tu? sebab I nak balik Msia for few occasion la this year) ;p

But, its only a plan, kita kena ada back up plan kan? if anything happen. :) But so far, I rasa I sangat bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, and I have no regret with what ever decisions yang I dah buat, duit alwayssss datang dan pergi, but for few months of our early marriage, there's no way I can get it back! :)

A housewife? actually I pernah ada cita-cita tu :) and tak sangka, I one of Domestic Goddess now! :) a hot one! ;p ;p


  1. Dear, ok jugak kalau further studies kat UK. if buat Masters, kat sana tak teruk sgt kot, just a year. The semester starts in Autumn. I'm sure, it's more enjoyable, bila ada hubby with you.
    Anyway, I pulak yg jadik domestic goddes bila balik Msia ni coz my working time is flexible, mostly working from home. So, everyday menyambut suami depan pintu :)
    But serious, bila duduk rumah, mesti byk aje kerja nak buat such as lipat baju, kemas tak berhenti... ala2 cleanaholic housewife.

  2. hi nadia :)

    best kan jadi domestic goddess? i pun feel the same way macam you. sebab dah biasa kerja, tak kerja rasa tak best. tapi bila kerja sibuk pulak nak jadi domestic goddess! i am doing part time work now, so i feel like i'm getting the best of both worlds. you definitely should do something academic to fill in your gaps. it will look great on your CV too!

    enjoy your domestic bliss XXx

  3. hai kak nadia! ^_~
    how are u? sgt la suka bc blog kak nadia sbb...mcm fantasy land..sume indah je..ngeeee!! if i am in ur shoes, i would do lots lots lots of stuff! (since i don't have the money n time now..isk!) dr baking to cooking to decorating the house to crafting and lots moreeee!! jelesnye! @_@

    anyhow, enjoy the holiday while u still can! sbb..( is super fun! tp kengkadang biler sampai time assignment byk n datelines..tense teruss~~~ kuikuikui..)have a nice day n take care! ^_~

  4. hi babe...
    bestnye jd domestic goddess..i pon once ms time sekolah dolu pernah cita2 nak jd housewife but being me yg xleh duk umah without anything wooo sangat la pelik yek..i rather go to work and meet people..yup u have to find something yang will make keep up with the technology coz it's evolving faster...

    u go gurl:P

    take care..

  5. nadia, i must say i enjoy all your entries. well said about being domestic goddess. enjoy while u can. Honeymoon is not over yet *winks*.

  6. yup, being a domestic goddess mmg best ehehe i pun sama lah, besides boleh manage own businesses, so ok la dok umah pun x boring sgt kan ehehe

  7. heheh...yep enjoy ur time skrg sure rasa ala ala tepu kan otak...ada tak rase cmtu sometime??? sbb i pon penah gak jobless skjp....rse tepu dan lemau ihik..and yg paling tk tahan ayat yg lassst tu..."a hot one!" kikkiiki...tapi.......i agree la...u are a hot one pon :)

  8. sometimes ade jugak rasa bosan,tapi pikir balik,i pon macam you dulu before jadi housewife tak pernah cuti panjang!and since jadi housewife nie la belajar baking,masak macam2 and rajin kemas rumah sket ;p plus with the pregnancy sickness sekarang,i'm glad i stay kat rumah jer.kalau keje,for sure rasa nak berhenti jugak sebab asyik kene mintak MC hehe.Ha ah macam liyana ckp,masters in UK setahun jer,pejam celik dah habis!tapi study dah kawen nie(for me la) ade penyakit malas sket,especially when hubby is around,mmg tutup buku hehe.

  9. nadia bebeh...
    i sgt lah jeles dgn u darl... sbb blh ddk umah khatam semua series okeh...hikhik.....

  10. Liyana: Itu lah I fikir for next year intake, but still in plan ;p hopefully. Yes, its true! Kerja kat rumah ni macam endless work, sangatttt ;p ade je kerja (if ada baby lagi la kan? Pening ;p)

    LadyofLeisure: Hello! So far best la cume kadang-kadang tue pening, sebab dok rumah, terbiase dah kan ;) I’m thinking for part time work too! But preferred if dapat proper job, ye lahh good in my CV ;) sementara belum ada kids kan :D Thanks darling!

  11. Thinker: Heyllooo! Ahaha fantasy land? u ni kelakar laaa, I’m not married with prince pon like fantasy kannn ;p (but Alhamdulillah, married with my price charming ;p) ehehe decorating house tu boleh! Cuma baking belum lagi, eheh tak retiiiii ;p nanti slowly ye ;)
    U take care toooooooo with all assignments and all, student life less tensions compared working life darling! Sebab same daily routine ;p

    Yana: Heylo yana! Ehehe, but unlike me, I boleh duduk rumah, just lazy around, tengok tv ! I ada kawan exactly like you, peningg je kalau duduk rumah tak keluar ;p ikut orang la kan ;D u too take care dear :D

    It’s me: Thanks dear ;) u too enjoy ur life :D Ahaha honeymoon absolutely not over yet, as long still only 2 of us ;p

  12. Naddy: I join your club la ni ;p all goddess ;p ehehe true, more focus to own business.
    Lady Leisure: thanks dear!!

    fauzuskamaruddin: tepu otak tue belum lagi, so far fully occupied with everything, baru lagi kan, but hopefully sampai bila pon tak tepu lah otak kan ;p ehehe thanks darling!

  13. Ami: I ni, kalau belum kawen pon bab belajar tue agak malas sikit, ahaha ;p ;p but u finish your Master exactly just nice with all pregnancy things :D Take care Ami and baby :D

    fizamior: ahaha, i bet u are! Yelah, series nie addicted kannn ;p ;p