Monday, February 08, 2010

Madrid, Espana (Part 1 - Arrival)

Happy Monday everyone! mesti boringkan nak start kerja :D tapi this coming weekend will be long holiday for Malaysia kan? So enjoy your week guys!

Okay as I promised before, tutututut, presentingggggg our Madrid Honeymoon Part 1 ;p We're only in Madrid from Friday to Sunday. It's only 3 days honeymoon, like I said previously, it's our Pre-Honeymoon :D so cuti dah banyak habis for Our Wedding, and we're saving for Raya Holiday (of course balik Msia kan, kalau takkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, meraunnnngggg I kat tepi pebble beach tue ;p terkenang rendang ibu) and also our so-called-honeymoon in Summer(berharap la for Greece's beaches)

We chose Madrid, as Azli never been here yet, dia pernah sampai other part of Spain, like Seville or Valencia. :D So takde lah dia boring kan, so we both can explore new place :) It's a bit difficult because lots of Europe countries dia dah jalan kan ;p benci, I nak pergi Parissssssssssss!! haha jakun ;p

We're arrived early morning at Madrid Barajas Airport :D tak busy sangat :)

So we took Metro instead of taxi or any other transports.

Cube tengok, ticket dia sangat comels! kecik je (paper saving, good!)

Lebih kurang LRT or MRT je kan? I guess everywhere the same. :)

Metro map, lebih kurang Underground kat London la :)

Tak ramai orang kan? sebab early morning and train from airport pon :) It took us around 40minutes (3 different trains) untuk sampai Central Madrid. I think, (I thinkkkkkkkk!! ;p) its super easy untuk lompat-lompat trains compared dgn London Underground, because macam dekat je semuanya, tak jauh sgt jalan turun tannga naik escalator :) I rasa la ;p ;p

So, that's all for now, will continue tomorrow eh! sampai la korang muak dengan Madrid's entries nanti ;)

Toodles sayangs!


  1. Yes, finally honeymoon pics :)
    I agree with you yg London's tube is smaller. I think because it's one of the oldest underground system. Those new metro in other cities are newer, so boleh lah besar sikit and more stroller friendly. Looking forward for more pics!

  2. Bestnya! Can't wait for next entries! :)

  3. babe...takkan boring la with ur jalan jalan entry and other entry also....

    pls update asap haite...

    take care

  4. Liyana: yep2, agreed ;)

    peah: itulah dia! ;)

    Reena: :D thanks

    fauzus: haittteee! ;p