Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday! ohh gesss, its already end of Feb.. how time flies.

Hye guys,

So as for my wedding pictures, I try to post as soon eh, ahaha ;p lame betul eh, but at least I did post for Nikah's pictures kan ;p and try to finish our Madrid honeymoon's entries, maybe 2 more entries ;p

For darlings who wondering, I use Canon EOS 1000D DSLR for pictures in here, it's actually Azli's toy, not mine, but sharing is caring kan ;) eventhough I just know how to click not really use the proper function kan, ahaha at least okay la tue ;p and it's only beginner camera for us. :)

Dah lama I tak post any our meal kan, tell you guys what, last week seminggu Azli without his proper Malay meal, no rice at all :), tense betul muka dia, takpe berkorban ;p I malas nak makan nasi (try to shed ;p)

Tandoori chicken (wings!)

potato penne

And, for the first time I tgk tulip blooming, yelah first time I dapat tulip, selalu roses :) 

And still, a gloomy Monday! (can I have the yellow beetle?? boleh tak Azli sayang? plizzzz * wink, yellow beetle sangattttt cute!!) anddddd when Spring is coming ni? I nak bercucuk tanam, tak sabar dengan my garden project, yeay! Semoga tidak hangat tahi--tahi ayam eh Nadia?



  1. uuuuu....beetle...wah!!!!!!
    syok woooo...ahahahaha,,,,

  2. Lisa: meeeeeeeeeee sgt suke! super comel kan! :D

    fizamior: mmg je syok kalau dpt kaler kuninggggg, mauuuu

  3. I suka Beetle jugakkk. My 1st dreamcar! Hihi. I suka yang convertible.

  4. Reena: itulahhh! mee too! tapi Azli takmau kerete kecik2 ;p ;p takmau cute2 ;p