Friday, February 26, 2010

My Due Wedding Entry

Dear guys,

As I promised (at last! after almost 2 months being married ;p) finally my wedding pictures!! For those who added me at FB, you dah tengok kan? ;p just get along je la yee. Sayang-sayang please introduce yourself if adding me at FB, I dont bite, ehehe saja nak tauuuuuu. ;) (macam lahhh ade orang nak add me kan ;p)

My wedding is one of the best moments in life ;) Its only a home wedding with close family, friends and neighbors. No caterer eh, gotong royong :)

Ceremony starts with Khatam AlQuran, Marhaban on Friday morning, 01.01.2010 then follow with Solemnization after Friday prayer as my previous entry, malam itu kami ada Majlis Berinai Besar with Cempuling as background until 2am! (who knows Cempuling?? its actually Javanese traditional music) ehyyyy I should blog about my majlis berinai as well kan? ;p

So my wedding ceremony on 02.01.2010, Saturday.

Good wedding, start with a gorgeous shoes (at least for me ;p) so I'm wearing my 5 inches Aldo Gladiator heels! I'm not wearing typical wedding shoes eyh? Ala, I just bought shoes that for sure I can wear later in any other occasions  :) So here my baby :D

What a Malay wedding without a pelamin kan? :) It's 3 boxes pelamin with fresh roses and lilies. Most important its pink! ;) I dah macam rojak kan? pelamin pink, kemah oren, bilik merah :D and me silvery gray with blue color details! ehehe

We had very traditional wedding (Johor style, because my mom from Kulai). My wedding complete with Toll (ada orang tau? people line up dekat pintu rumah, and the groom must bg angpau sampai lah pelamin)

So ini  makan beradab kami ye, its just a simple touch, with white lilies and red roses, pelamin tadi pink/white lilies and pink roses. (okay fine, it too muchhhhh detail eh? I just love fresh flowers! :D love the smell)

Tak lengkap tanpa zapin kan? there you go, my mom absolutely true Johorian ;p

The bride and groom, Mr and Mrs Azli ;)

And enjoy rest of photos ye ;)

Family photos, my orange family and Azli's yellow family. :)

Then, for our outdoor, we choose Pantai Remis ;) and around Kuala Selangor's town :D

So, itulah dia, my selected wedding's pictures. Now, after almost 2 months, I more blissful and fulfilled eventhou part of me sangat rinduuuu my magical wedding much! ;) nak kawennn lagi!! (with on and only Azli pliz)


  1. I like both your shoes! Dengan yang merah sekali. Cunnnn!

  2. Nadia, cantik la ur pelamin!! I love everything, every little bits. Indah je tengok :p

    U must surely worked hard for the special day. But, it's a day to remember pun, so why not. And that zapin? Best-best. My mum awal2 cakap malam berinai i kene pakai traditional minangkabau outfit with the cucuk2 tu :p

  3. nadia..akak rasa la..bagi semua wanita yg dah berkahwin..saat2 nak bergelar isteri tu mmg satu kenangan yg paling indah..mine too...all the memories is still remains...kalau bleh, nak ulang gak majlis kawen tu..tapi only with my hubby la...

    same to me..akak pun suka fresh flower..masa nikah dulu pun akak guna fresh flower gak..pinky roses..tapi tak la tukar2 pelamin..hehehe...overall...very nice pinture of u my dear...

  4. u look so beautiful dear, on ur wedding... semua lah cantik!!!! meriah betul! haha!

    seriously... u actually wore that gladiator on ur wedding day??? super duper cool bebeh! haha!!!

  5. sukenyee,byk fresh flowers!!and you look absolutely stunning!

  6. Finally dear. Lama I tunggu nih. Semua cantik2.

  7. Reena: Me too ;p Thanks darling!

    Aida: Thanks darling!! I give my best je lah, ikut sedap mate je, in the end, memang dah out of control pon ;p u dah tak larat nak buat everything by yourself :p :D

    lawaaa minangkabau tuu, if my nenek still ada mesti dia suruh pakai juga sebab dia orang Rombau! ;p soon to be your turn kannnnnnn *wink wink

  8. JaJa'Z: Itu lah, trueee! macam nak ulang balik jeee (ishkk baru je kawen kan ;p dah nk kawen balik ;p)

    Fresh flower memang bestt kan! wangii je satu rumah ;p nasib I dapat good bargain :)
    Thanks akak! :D

    fizamior: Thanks darling! itu lah kan, semua orang mcm tak percayeee ;p but, its my wedding I nakkk gorjes-cool shoes! (at least for me! ;p)

  9. Ami: awww, thanks Ami!

    Liyana: Itulah, finallllyyyyyy~ siyan orang tertunggu-tunggu kan ;p thanks dear!

  10. Cantik.. Anyway masih sempat lagi kan tangan masih berinai .. Selamat Pengantin Baru..

  11. Nodie... what a lovely wedding!! hehe... you're ssooo georgeous.. hehe.. btul.. kalo ingat2 balik rase cam nak repeat majlis 'ratu 3hari' tu kan..hehe