Tuesday, February 02, 2010


//I love this picture! memang macam honeymooooonnn!


Me and Azli baru pulang dari Madrid, Espana :D Safely arrived at Londres-Gatwick Airport around 840pm UK time. Alahmdulillah. :)

Like Azli said millions of times, 'I sukaaaa Madrid! lets move here, jom jom! another 2 years'. He's very serious about it thou, I macam like whattttttt? Sesukahati dia kan? So summary of our honeymoon-ing trip was awesome! ;) sapa tak suka honeymoon kan? and berjalan-jalan! saya sukaaaaaa.

Personally, I macam okay je lah dengan Madrid, it is a great city! cuma, agak kotor and agak ramai homeless people. Ehe, but I like their street performers! sssooooo creative! I actually enjoyed it! ;p and ..... erhh but no one can speak English! Including all channels, semua alih bahasa ok! ;p so comels bila tengok The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in our hotel room and Will Smith speaks Spanish ;p ;p Ohhh yessss! they got subtitle, but but but in Spanish!! (erh, dah alih bahasa to Spanish, then subtitle pon Spanish? the point? ;p ;p)

Will review more the trip later okay, pssssttttt I got fridge magnets from Madrid! Sila la click here and also Tie Rack's blog updated here. Thanks guys! Muchas Gracias!! (I should start to learn Spanish if Azli really really serious about moving to Spain ;p ;p)


Upssieee, Betty's reminds me, yesterday was exactly one month me and Azli get married! aaaa masa memang cepat berlalu ehhhhh!!! sattt je lagi dah setahunn.. :p (I memang totally tak ingat lah, sebab, I memang tak celebrate monthly anniversary ;p comels je kan if people buat macam tue, they're kinda appreciate details :D I wish I am, tapi memang tak! ;p)


  1. Ola!Huhu dah kawen mmg boleh posing macam2,takde sapa marah,best kan?;p
    and the weather nampak lovely!
    Kejap je yer dah 1 mth ye:).owh babe,non-English speaking countries mostly macam tue,channels semua in their languages,sikit sgt yg tak translate,macam in DE,CNN and some selected MTV shows jer still in English.

  2. welcome back dear!!!!
    tak sabar nak tgk gambar!!!!

  3. dekat UK pon cerita in english and yet the subtitles are also written in English.. it's for people with hearing or other kinds of DISABLE..

  4. It's practised in most non-English speaking European countries. Bila you pergi Greece nanti, everything is in Greek. Masa kat Vienna, everything was in German. Maka, asyik tengok CNN ajelah.
    About homeless issue, same thing I saw when I was in Athens. Tempat cantik, but I was a bit disappointed with the environment & people. I guess it's an EU country, tapi mcm developing countries jugak. But they're friendly.

  5. Ami: Ola mummy ;p a ahh unlike Brighton (yg asik hujan) weather just nice! :D tp takdelah warm sgt, okay je la :D I baru tau, my 1st Europe trip :p

    Fiza: sooonnnn!

    Pinkwatch: Okay I baru get the point ;p thanks! :D

    Liyana: That hotel takde CNN, so tak dpt la kan :p Yes, homeless people are everywhere, kat mana2 jumpe, I br perasan bila sampai Madrid :D

  6. Ohhh...i love your Trench Coat.

    Kak Nadia

  7. love ur trench coat too!:) btw, beli mane yer..?

  8. Anon: Thanks!!! I tak sure name kedainye, tp beli around Brighton. nanti i'll check balik eh :D ;)