Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Madrid, Espana (Part 4 - Breakfast and Plaza Mayor)

Hye darlings!

So, I continue our Madrid Honeymoon entry eh, ehe jangan boring yeee ;) So we start our next morning with simple breakfast ;) Comel takkkkkkk salmon puff nie? ehehe siap bentuk ikan lagi :D comelness and yummehh!

Full house ;)

Azli said 'I dah lapar, nak kena pose lagi ke?'

Since 1973

So after breakfast, kami berjalan menuju ke Royal Palace, what I like about Madrid, kebanyakan major attractions in walking distance je. So sangat senang lah if you're planning short vacation.

Sangat lengang kan? its 9am in the morning, and weekend kan :p

Ini lah the famous Plaza Mayor, is rectangular in shape. Macam dalam kotak, surrounded by buildings :D

Actually nowadays, they famous with night markets, but kami datang pagi kan, still ada markets ;) anyone into old Stamps and Coins :) Ramai orang tua jeee ;p

Seeee, ramai tau homeless people here, dah la sejuk, siyan. Ini je yang I berani amek gambar, sebab fully cover, yang lain tue dah bangun :p tak pasal2 kena kejar ke ape ke. scary!

Will continue later ehhhh..

Toodles darlings!


  1. love salmon! mcm sedap jek... cute plak tu..syg nk mkn..hihihi...

  2. Hey, looking at that serviette photo, do you know that each restaurant has its own customized serviette even the small ones! I don't know about you but I found this amusing :D

  3. salam..........wat's interesting about the pic are....nadia eating fantastic food!!!!! an where there are jars of candies at the back of nadia (while eating) GO NADIA GO!!!!!