Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Bertandang Entry

As I promised, even terlambat sikit ;p ;p

Good wedding start with a good shoes ;p

For our KL reception, I chose Ian Sham for make up. ;) Totally different from output from Eleena Lamat (as for my Engagement, Solemnization and Bersanding) Like people said, Eleena's output more 'Perempuan Melayu Terakhir' ;p Ian Sham's more to urban makeup.


My BFFs! Thanks for be there since engagement, nikah, berinai, bersanding and bertandang, sob sob miss you guys so much, we're separated by oceans, lepas ni, ada orang dok oz plakkkk, lagi la susah nak jumpaaaaaaa ;( (except Eryn, ceih ko datang masa kat KL je ye ;p ;p)

Family's pictures, opss with my beloved pengapits :)

For outdoor photoshots, we chose KTM KL :)

Berakhir lah sudah all my wedding entries, aaaa mau kahwin lagi ;p ;p the best moments in life! even, I know its not a perfect wedding, but its perfect enough for me ;) at least, mestilah ada cacat sana sini. ;p kan kan. :D


  1. So u prefer MUA yang mana?

    Wahh Mini cooper!

  2. kami adalah "train" nadia...mana ko pegi..kami pegi. (except UK la kan ;p)

    tp tak da gmbr kat pelamin umah azli...salah org lain yg nak sgt mkn cendol wangsa maju..hiksss

  3. owh my!! kak nadia arrived dgn mini cooper?? how cool is that!! thumbs up! ^_~ the outdoor pics pun sgt cantik..classy!

  4. cantek!with mini cooper lagi pengantin :)
    boleh tak nak ckp u ade iras2 Marsha? hihi