Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our first 'Come Dine With Me' experience!

Hye guys, last weekend kami ada makan-makan @our tiny lil house, ehehe, takde lah ramai pon, we just invite another young couple, dorang newly wed  juga :) (wahhh perasan juge kami still newly wed ;p) Aifa & her Indonesian husband,Dera. Aifa ni she's a pharmacist in Brighton. So working couple juga.

Our place setting, suke! ;) tapi I lupe nak amek gamba food and our picture! ;p silly me.

Kami jemput for Sunday dinner, I love the company! yelah, lama tak borak-borak makan macam tue. selalu berdua je kan ;p and so suweeettt mereka for the lovely gift ;) Hopefully they love my food ;p ;p and our company too as much we love them ;)

 Kami ni susah nak ajak ramai orang makan, yelaaaa tiny lil house! Jom sape nak datang dinner?