Friday, April 23, 2010

Simple answer

Azli said ‘why women favourite things only can be use by them? Guys, love cars, gadgets, Plasma TV semua pon boleh share with their other half kan?

Ini Situation, when I ask about my birthday present, and I wanted Gucci Sukey or CHANEL Flab bag instead of other things! :p

Kah kah, if Chanel Azli kasi hadiah besday, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sujud syukur makcik :p but Sukey enough for me laling :D ;-p

My answer

“You always tumpang all your stuffs in my handbag kan? Wallet lah, handphone la, chocolate lah, share la tu, u lenggang kangkung je jalan ;p I have to carry all your stuffs around.

Conclusionnye, I need new handbag, then I’ll able to carry all your stuff with BIG smile on my face. (of course smiling! If I get Chanel Flap ;p) ”


  1. kira kes soklan mkn tuan nih...

  2. haaa...pandai u answer his trick question tu...he he

  3. citah: betul2 :p

    NZZ: hahahah, nak bag seribu daya, walaupun seribu soalan mendatang! ;p