Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Weight Loss Journey, duh!

Weight will be my never ending issue for me.

Adoiii, lagi2 since kerja, metabolism dah makin kurang (sebab dah makin tua pon ;p) and kerja pon duduk at office 9hours straight. Then, nak dekat kahwin, my uncontrollable weight reallllllyyyyy hit me! so I end up with crash diet, Master Cleanse, you can read all here. its really work! but seriously I can't do it again, lagi2 because I'm married now and when your husband suka makannn, (dia memang makannnn je :p) then you can only just minum lemonade and watching your husband makan and makan. :p tak boleh!

Now, sunny summer! ;) so I decided to goooo for Southbeach Diet. I pernah  buat diet ni, masa Final Year dulu, tapi tak pernah blog about it, this time I will do. BUT this diet must go with exercise, if else, tak boleh ye.. dulu I akan jogging, 5 days a week kat Cyber Lake, at least 3 round, fineee, =p I mostly jalan je, jogging nye kejap, but hehehe keluar juga peluh lah kan? I lost 7-8kgs for this diet, I didn't notice at first because I didn't record the progress, sebab semua notice, then baru I timbang, wallahhh! dah banyak turun rupanya.

Gambar tahun 2007 ;p

Now, domestic goddes ini got all time in the world, boleh lah buat diet ini balik. i target nak jogging pagi 10km, then petang another 10km with Azli, seksa jogging dengan Azli, sebab dia suka paksa orang lariiiiiii =p =p terpaksa!! So far ini second day on diet, tapi dah few days jogging. ehehe, dah kurang sikit berat, I reveal once a week yeeee. kali ni semangat sikit, sebab i tak pernah berat mcm skang nie! need to lost kgssssssssssssss, winter weight laah, kenduri kawen weight lahh. Aiyooo never ending.

So wish me luck! I'll update weekly my weight (for my record and make sure tidak hangat2 tahi ayam! ;p)

I tell u, losing weight never ending story, I'll gain back weight later, if am not control my eating, yelah, I'll always drive thru person. Now, dah tak langsung, yeeeee sebab nak drive thru Fish Burger? no wayssss ;p am not fish person! ;p


  1. samala saya...suka juga fikir-fikir psl berat bdn ni...kalau saya makan byk, cepat je jarum tu naik..tapi, kalu saya tak makan sangat, diet..hm,,..mcm taknak sgt je jarum tu bergerak ke bawah..hehe...

  2. hi Nadia, i pun baru ni start jogging after being consulted by doctor. tiba-tiba cam risau sebab jarang gila exercise, so petang-petang ada la jalan lari jalan kat lake garden..

    good luck Nadia, 10km..!!

  3. Anna: betulllllllll, penat2 diet, then jarum tu macam nak taknak je turun kan, kannnn :p

    ajjah: haha, 10km tue byk jalan je darling! ;) yes, kite ni kene bersenang, at least berpeluh sikit la tiap2 hari :D

  4. I gained 12kgs in 1 year.. No, I have not delivered baby yet.. *sobs*

    I used to have a high metabolic rate which I can never gain weight eventhough how much I ate. Well darling, that was 4 years ago..

    Working in a freezer-like-room 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is making the fat 'growing' like mushrooms in this body of mine.. *sigh*

    I have tried SDII though. But I can't stand the taste and the fact that I can't eat carbs AT ALL. hahaha, I just love bread!

    However, I have put up a target; to reduce my fat % from 33% to 16% like how I used to be when I was 22 in 6 months.

    So, all the best to both of us! p(^^)q

  5. same with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! oh my 10kg, horror okay. yes, good luck babe!