Monday, June 21, 2010

Bye bye Pudu Jail

I honestly sad that Pudu Jail was being demolished today ;( *without any political views involve here.

115-year old Pudu Jail, supposedly turned a heritage site as it was one of the colonial building remaining in Kuala Lumpur.

Maybe boleh tukar pada one of tourist attraction.

Haihhh ;( sad. sad. You guys tahu tak, lukisan kat dinding pudu tue the longest painted wall recorded in the Guinness Book of Records?

So sad when 115 years history will be torn down.


  1. don't be so sad dear.
    it's actually for the best.
    if u look into another perspective, it's actually not a good idea to turn a prison place to a tourist attraction.
    not the way we should portrait malaysia as.
    and besides, the place holds a lot of sad + bad memories to others who perhaps lost their beloved family members etc as being imprisoned or killed by prisoner, if u get what i mean.
    apart from that, the place is kinda 'keras'.. due to years and years of handling deaths there.

  2. memang r..yet...KL too pack wit people...vehicles...
    however,they can build fly over without demolishing Pudu Jail

  3. ape..pudu jail demolished? jumud nyer aku x baca berita...hahahhah

  4. Jelita: heee good point of view from other side :D betul juge kan ;)

    mizsyaza: trueeee juge :D semua pon ade pros and contras

  5. Betty: Plis babe, bace sikit berite kat Msia, tauu lah dah taknak balik kannn :p :p

    Nizam: niii lg laa, kate dok shah alam :p ;phahhaa